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Locations in Europe

The jewel of the Mediterranean Sea, few countries can boast such a varied range of travel experiences.


From the ice-covered peaks of The Alps to the southern beaches of The Amalfi Coast, Italy is unparalleled in its diversity and culture. The heartbeat of ancient Romans almost echoes throughout the rolling vineyards of Tuscany and Umbria. The jewel of the Mediterranean Sea, few countries can boast such a varied range of travel experiences.

Explore Italy
29 Villas
World renowned cuisine rivaled only by glamorous cities and age old ruins, France is a travelers dream.


Stay in one of our French luxury villas in a fabled land where chic blends with Old World charm, all framed by the towering Alps, fertile meadows and the deep blues of the Mediterranean.

Explore France
25 Villas
An enticing combination of old walled cities, fabulous beaches and welcoming islands.


The most famous stretch of the Croatian Adriatic, the Dalmatian Coast offers dramatic limestone cliffs that give way to seductive beaches along crystal blue waters. Stay in one of our many luxury villas in Croatia and experience Dubrovnic and Split offer Old World charm, while the islands of Hvar and Korcula cater to those looking to escape the bustle.

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19 Villas
Diverse, passionate & sophisticated


Timeless and absolutely stunning, Spain is a treat for the senses. From the snow-capped Pyrenees and the sun-drenched coasts, to its vibrant cities and bucolic countryside, no matter where you look, you’ll find beauty.

Explore Spain
9 Villas
Birthplace of The Italian Renaissance


From the mountains and rolling hills down to beaches and islands, Tuscany boasts a myriad of culinary experiences, history and artistic culture. One of the most visited regions in Italy, our guests can revel in everything from tours of world-class museums to strolling hilltop towns to enjoying the local wines in ancient piazzas.

Explore Tuscany
19 Villas
Where beautiful towns cling to cliffs that tumble into the sea.

EuropeAmalfi Coast

Long a favorite spot for tourists, The Amalfi Coast offers stunning vistas of the coves and bays that line this part of Italy's coastline. Small towns and lemon groves hug the cliffs that line the shore punctuated by stunning beaches and warm friendly bays. The Amalfi Coast is truly a place of rugged beauty wedged between the mountains and the sea.

Explore Amalfi Coast
5 Villas
"The Eternal City"


Steeped in history with rich architecture, vibrant streets and awe-inspiring ruins, Rome is certainly one of the great cities of the world. Around every corner of its ancient streets culinary delights and beautiful piazzas await the explorer. With so much to see and do, the heart of Italy is not to be missed.

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"The Green Heart of Italy".


Umbria, in the heart of Italy, has long been known for its ancient towns that cling to the sides of rolling hills that seem to tumble into the lush green valleys below. Uncrowded and serene, Umbria offers the visitor delights not to be found anywhere else in Italy.

Explore Umbria
4 Villas
Stunning landscapes blanketed in lavender and sunflowers


Provence is a land where mountains spill into soft rolling hills covered in flowers and vineyards that eventually merge into the deep blue of  the Mediterranean Sea. Provence is everything you've heard, and so much more.

Explore Provence
11 Villas
A land of endless rolling vineyards


Show up in Burgundy hungry and thirsty when staying in one of our luxury villas. This land of rolling hills, historic towns and gastronomic delights will leave you breathless and spoiled.

Explore Burgundy
3 Villas
Domain du Chateaux


The Dordogne is a region of lush forests dotted with over 1500 castles. Small quaint villages are tucked away along the rivers and valleys of this timeless land and a wide range of kid friendly activities makes this a perfect family destination.

Explore Dordogne
4 Villas
The Garden of France

EuropeLoire Valley

Dissected by the beautiful Loire River, this region in the heart of France is a collection of soft rolling hills and meadows blanketed with vineyards and fruit orchards. Medieval chateaux await exploration as do the Loire's charming towns and villages.

Explore Loire Valley
2 Villas
The City of Light


With so much to see and do, Paris is truly a world-class city. For centuries it has been the heartbeat of France and Western Europe. Tourists flock here from around the world to take in such renowned sights as The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

Explore Paris
3 Villas
From lazy fishing village to home of the jet set

EuropeSt. Tropez

Historically a military port and fishing village, St. Tropez now attracts tourists that flock to enjoy the golden beaches and azure waters of the Mediterranean. Sun worshipping, cafes and shopping are the order of the day.

Explore St. Tropez
5 Villas
Scenic & surreal

EuropeCosta Brava

Spain’s Costa Brava offers natural wonders and an immersion in the surreal. From the charming stone villages you’ll find dotting the countryside, to Girona’s formidable cathedral, sun-seekers and culture cravers alike will find exactly the experience they are looking for.

Explore Costa Brava
7 Villas
A Moveable Feast


The city that inspired Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, and of course Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona is a place of limitless possibilities. Explore her streets, revel in her world-class dining scene, you can even spend a day (or two) at the beach.

Explore Barcelona
2 Villas
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