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From the ice-covered peaks of The Alps to the southern beaches of The Amalfi Coast, Italy is unparalleled in its diversity and culture. The heartbeat of ancient Romans almost echoes throughout the rolling vineyards of Tuscany and Umbria. Visitors can contemplate the country that gave the world The Renaissance as they bask on some of Europe's finest luxury villas and prestine beaches. Italy has everything and more all accompanied by legendary cuisine and fine wines. When you leave you can say "Ciao Italia", but Italy will never really leave you.

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Locations in Italy

Amalfi Coast

Long a favorite spot for tourists, The Amalfi Coast offers luxury villas with stunning vistas of the coves and bays that line this part of Italy's coastline. Small towns and lemon groves hug the cliffs that line the shore punctuated by stunning beaches and warm friendly bays. The Amalfi Coast is truly a place of rugged beauty wedged between the mountains and the sea.

Explore Amalfi Coast
34 Luxury Properties

Italian Lakes

Famous across the world, Italian Lakes are truly a sight to behold. No matter if you want to bathe in the crystal waters or simply spend a day observing them with a glass of wine in hand, you will enjoy every moment.

Explore Italian Lakes
15 Luxury Properties


One of Italy’s most enchanting regions, Puglia offers everything you would hope to find in the country: a stunning coastline, ancient towns and cute little villages, delightful countryside, extravagant churches dreamt up by Europe’s finest architects, gorgeous cuisine, and that oh-so-very-Italian way-of-life.

Explore Puglia
14 Luxury Properties


Steeped in history with rich architecture, vibrant streets and awe-inspiring ruins, Rome is certainly one of the great cities of the world and a wonderful place to rent a luxury villa. Around every corner of its ancient streets culinary delights and beautiful piazzas await the explorer. With so much to see and do, the heart of Italy is not to be missed.

Explore Rome
10 Luxury Properties1 Tour


Hiking trails, picturesque beaches, and villages overflowing with the spirit of the Sardinian people, the island of Sardinia is one of the most beautiful spots off the coast of Italy. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the magic?

Explore Sardinia
10 Luxury Properties


One of the pearls of Southern Italy, Sicily packs a punch. Bursting at the seams with cultural treasures, it also offers a wealth of stunning landscapes – from the active volcano of Mount Etna to the countryside’s lush, rolling hills.

Explore Sicily
25 Luxury Properties


From the mountains and rolling hills down to beaches and islands, Tuscany boasts a myriad of culinary experiences, history and artistic culture. One of the most visited regions in Italy, our guests enjoy a fine luxury villa and can revel in everything from tours of world-class museums to strolling hilltop towns to enjoying the local wines in ancient piazzas.

Explore Tuscany
72 Luxury Properties2 Tours


Umbria, in the heart of Italy, has long been known for its ancient towns and luxury villas that cling to the sides of rolling hills that seem to tumble into the lush green valleys below. Uncrowded and serene, Umbria offers the visitor delights not to be found anywhere else in Italy.

Explore Umbria
12 Luxury Properties
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