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“We take pride in doing things differently”
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Several years ago, I travelled with family and friends to Italy and experienced first hand the exceptional services offered by HostedVillas and their team of experts. We would still consider this to be one of our most memorable travel experiences together. By sharing our vision for our vacation with our travel advisor, we crafted an itinerary that exceeded our expectations. It wasn't much later that I joined the company! I understand your time is valuable and the pressures involved in planning a trip. With our extensive network of travel partners and strong industry relationships, it would be my privilege as your Experience Manager to work with you to discover your passions and construct a villa vacation experience that reminds you of the joys of travel.

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OUR LOCAL EXPERTS not only give you the keys to the city... they will show you where the lock is

"Our Local Host was perfect. She and her husband are now friends for life." - Biggs group (Provence)

LOCAL HOST PROMISEThe road less traveled is where the magic happens

Your Local Host will make all the difference to your vacation experience, and we encourage every guest to take full advantage of their expertise and insider knowledge of the area they call home. Key members of the HV Team, our Local Hosts are chosen specifically for their grasp of the must-sees and must-dos so your villa vacation is nothing short of exceptional, every time. Never an impossible request. And always beyond your expectations. When you travel with HV, we make "once in lifetime" happen everytime.

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We have been perfecting our recipe for crafting unique luxury experiences for 25 years. Let’s embark on yours...

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The Perfect Fit...

At HV we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Unlike other travel providers, our travel experiences are designed around people not places. Understanding our guests is our beating heart and is the building block for creating the truly memorable experiences for which we are renowned. All our featured properties have been carefully selected after being visited by a member of our team to ensure that not only do they meet our own exacting standards but also, that we know we are best placed to recommend villa options perfectly suited to you.

The Art of Unique...

Luxury is personal and nobody understands that better than our team of Experience Managers. While recognizing that finding your perfect accommodation in your chosen destination is an important aspect of your trip, it is our proven ability to provide truly personalized experiences that will turn your vacation into memories that will last a lifetime. Bespoke, tailor-made and personal are used commonly by travel providers but at HV it is part of our DNA.

Experience It...

Ensuring your vacation experience is delivered perfectly is the role of our Local Hosts who live and work in your chosen destination. They are passionate about their region, travel experiences and delivering unmatched in-destination services. Without exception, every piece of client feedback we receive at HV singles out our Hosts as a defining feature of their stay - we are extremely proud of our team and are never surprised at the lengths they will go to make sure our clients stays are executed to perfection.


HV ThemeFood & Drink

Immerse yourself in everything your chosen destination has to offer, experiencing the gastronomic delights accompanied by a glass of the local specialty. Whether a Michelin star restaurant in Spain, a wine tour in France or a Rum Festival in Barbados our Food & Drink experiences will create lasting memories for all our connoisseur guests.

Featured Destination

Stunning landscapes blanketed in lavender and sunflowers


Provence is a land where mountains spill into soft rolling hills covered in flowers and vineyards that eventually merge into the deep blue of The Meditteranean Sea. Provence is everything you've heard, and so much more.

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The chosen ones

The chosen onesHV Select

HV Select represents villas chosen by the HV team as worthy of our personal endorsement, each included for its own unique reason


HV private jets & first class exclusives are at your service

At HV, we believe your villa is only one element of your vacation experience and travelling in style makes arriving at your chosen destination all the more special. For more information on private jets and exclusive First & Business Class airfares..............

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