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Villa Loreta 3

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Beauty to behold

If you're able to pull yourself from the calming blues of the sky and water, take in the surroundings of this ultra luxurious Dalmatian home. Loreta 3 is part of a trio of properties in this exclusive complex that perfectly blends modern architecture and Mediterranean ambience. The indoor/outdoor pool, complete with sauna and shower, and the perfectly situated and expansive terrace take lounging and outdoor living to a truly sumptuous level. The interiors are spacious with ample room for group gatherings. Alternatively, retreat to the bedroom suites and relax with the soothing ocean views.

Max Group Size6
Air ConditionedNo
Child FriendlyYes
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Croatia / Europe

Location Information

Transfer time55 min
Distance from nearest town10 min

Events & Places

Walk the walls of Dubrovnik

Easily the most famous feature of Dubrovnik, the stone fortification, complete with watchtowers, juts defiantly into the ocean. Take in the breathtaking views of the Adriatic and the islands beyond.

Diocletians Palace

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Diocletians Palace in the city of Split, is really a city within a city. Begun in the year 295 the palace is now a commercial and residential hub of the city. Wander the ancient streets and take in the diverse architecture. In the evening as the sun descends enjoy a quiet romantic drink surrounded by these ancient Roman ruins.

Island Explorer

With hundreds of islands dotting the Dalmation Coast you will find whatever you seek from secluded beaches to lush forests to vibrant nightlife. Whether you take an organised boat tour or make your own way in a kayak, the islands will cater to your every desire.


The islands of Vis, Hvar and Korčula along the Dalmatian coast boast a history of wine dating back 2,500 years ago. Many of the traditional grape varieties still survive and modern day winemakers are producing some outstanding wines in this country from the islands to the northern region of Istria on the mainland. Plan on visiting and tasting the likes of Babić, Malvazija, Pošip and Plavac on your holiday.

Game of Thrones Sites

Fans of the popular Game of Thrones will enjoy one of the many tours that visit the various sites used in the filming of the series. Several excursions can be found in Split, Dubrovnik and numerous other sites along the coast.

Historical Sites

All along the coast history buffs will find numerous sites to quench their curiousity on the ancient past of the region. Indulge in roman ruins, medieval castles, fortresses and monastaries.

For Kids

Cetina River Canyon

Take a wild speedboat ride up the Cetina river and canyon and reward yourself with pulsepounding zipline ride.

Karaka Boat Cruise

Sail the harbours and islands in a 16th century Karakas. This replica ship is complete with masts, sails and even cannons to ward off pirates!

Bisevo Blue Cave

Surround yourself in glimmering iridescent blue light on a boat tour of The Blue Cave on Bisevo Island. Although swimming is not allowed in the cave, the sight is unparalelled and most tours offer numerous snorkelling and swimming stops along the way.

National Parks

It is worthwhile to take the time to visit the two National Parks in the Dalmatian region. Both Plitvice National Park and Krka National Park offer various tours where you can take in watersports, scenic hiking trails and swim underneath breathtaking waterfalls.

The Sea Organ

The Sea Organ in Zadar is a series of steps that descend into the Adriatic Sea. The waves and the wind create oddly beautiful notes through a series of whistles built into the marble structure. Only steps away is The Sun Salutation, a series of LED lights and solar cells that light up at night to create a stunning display.

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