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Cortile di Brucoli

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Privacy, tranquility, and incredible views

This unbelievable villa offers some of the best views of Mt. Etna with tranquility and privacy reigning supreme. The property offers a large courtyard of 900 square meters and a spacious loggia overlooking an Italian garden with fountains and exotic shrubs. The villa itself offers 10 queen bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. Each room is meticulously decorated and furnished using the highest quality new materials blended with antique and traditional Italian style. The villa also features a swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, barbecue, and horseback riding on site. There is no shortage of things to do with the beach being a close drive.

Per Night from USD
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Max Group Size24
Air ConditionedYes
Children AllowedYes
Distance from nearest town10 min
Distance from airport25 min

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Cortile di Brucoli

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Room DetailsServices & AmenitiesThings to do
Room Details
Room DetailsServices & AmenitiesThings to do

Room Details

cortile di brucolicortile di brucoli

Room Details

Main House

  • Bedroom one (queen) has a private bathroom
  • Bedroom two (queen) has a private bathroom
  • Bedroom three (queen) has a private bathroom
  • Bedroom four (queen) has a private bathroom
  • Bedroom five (queen) has a private bathroom
  • Bedroom six (queen) has a private bathroom
  • Bedroom seven (queen) has a private bathroom
  • Bedroom eight (queen) has a private bathroom
  • Bedroom nine (queen) has a private bathroom
  • Bedroom ten (queen) has a private bathroom
cortile di brucoli

Room Details


  • Bedroom eleven (queen) has a private bathroom
  • Bedroom twelve (queen) has a private bathroom

Services & Amenities

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Included Services

  • Breakfast Service
  • Chef
  • Daily Housekeeping
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  • Fireplace
  • Full A/C
  • Hammam
  • Laundry
  • Sauna
  • Swimming Pool
  • Table Tennis
  • Wifi

Events & Places

Taormina Greek Theatre

This ancient theatre is a definite must-see when visiting Taormina. Perched on a hilltop, with a view out to sea, it was built in the 3rd century BC. Remarkably well preserved, it is still used today for performances.

Wine Tours

From Malvasias and Novellos, to Chardonnays, Zibibbos and Grecanicos, Sicily offers lots of options when it comes to wine. Take a tour at a local vineyard and tantalize your taste buds!

Street Markets

Touring Sicily's city markets is a sensory delight. From Palermo's Ballarò Market to Catania's Fish Market, each offers a glimpse into Sicilian culture and cuisine. Sample street food like arancini and cannoli, and browse stalls for local produce and handicrafts. These bustling markets are vibrant hubs of local life, perfect for immersing yourself in Sicily's flavours and traditions.


A coastal city in northern Sicily, it is known for its Norman cathedral, a 12th-century fortress-like structure, and for its gorgeous beaches. Stroll the narrow cobbled streets and then hit the beach!

Palermo Cathedral

A feast of geometric patterns, the Cathedral is a prime example of Sicily’s unique Arab-Norman architectural style. The royal Norman tombs located inside, along with the treasury and the panoramic views from the roof are highlights.

Archeological Sites

Sicily boasts a wealth of archaeological sites that reveal its storied past. Explore the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, a UNESCO World Heritage site showcasing well-preserved ancient Greek temples. Visit the Roman mosaics of Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina and marvel at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse, still used for performances today. Discover the ancient city of Segesta with its Doric temple and the impressive ruins of Selinunte overlooking the Mediterranean. Sicily's archaeological sites offer a fascinating glimpse into its rich history and cultural heritage.

Volcano Tour

Embark on a thrilling volcano tour in Sicily, exploring the island's dramatic volcanic landscapes. Discover Mount Etna, Europe's tallest active volcano, renowned for its lunar-like terrain and stunning views of the Mediterranean. Encounter volcanic craters, lava fields, and ancient flows, witnessing firsthand the island's volcanic history. Experience the unique ecosystems thriving in this environment and learn about the geological forces shaping Sicily. A volcano tour here offers an unforgettable adventure into nature's awe-inspiring phenomena.

Sicily Boat Cruise

Enjoy a scenic boat cruise around Sicily, where azure waters reveal stunning coastal vistas and hidden treasures. Sail along the rugged coastline, passing fishing villages, ancient ruins, and picturesque coves. Discover secluded beaches and swim in crystal-clear waters. Whether exploring the Aeolian Islands, cruising past Mount Etna, or visiting coastal towns like Taormina, it's a relaxing and picturesque way to experience Sicily's natural beauty and maritime heritage.

Sicily Cooking Class

Immerse yourself in Sicilian culinary traditions with a hands-on cooking class. Learn to prepare traditional dishes such as arancini, pasta alla Norma, and cannoli under the guidance of expert local chefs. Discover the secrets of Sicilian ingredients like fresh seafood, sun-ripened tomatoes, and aromatic herbs. Engage in a cultural exchange while enjoying the flavours of Sicily, making this cooking class a memorable and delicious experience.


Discover Sicily's natural beauty through exhilarating hikes that showcase diverse landscapes. From Mount Etna's rugged trails to the coastal paths of Zingaro Nature Reserve, the island offers a variety of hiking experiences. Traverse lush valleys, ancient forests, and historic pathways revealing rich history and biodiversity. Whether seeking panoramic views, wildlife encounters, or cultural insights, hiking in Sicily promises unforgettable adventures amidst stunning Mediterranean scenery.

For Kids

Mount Etna

This UNESCO World Heritage site boasts the most otherworldly scenery in Italy. A lunar landscape of black sand, volcanic rocks and oozing lava flows, it’s Sicily’s most beautiful natural attraction. The kids will love the ride up in the cable car!


If your kids love castles, then Sicily will be a paradise for them. There are hundreds of castles all over the island, including the Castello Orsino in Catania or the Castello Maniace in Syracuse.

Puppet Theatres

One of Sicily’s strongest cultural traditions is the puppet theatre. There are at least 5 in Palermo alone, but they are found in all major towns, including Syracuse and Acireale.

Torre Salsa Nature Reserve

With over 760 hectares of pristine coastline and around 4 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, this reserve is the perfect natural habitat for numerous species of animals and birds, and a great walking option the whole family will love.

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