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Asia is a place of myth and wonder. When you set foot on this amazing continent, you’ll experience ancient and modern civilizations emerge. Spanning the eastern part of Eurasian, Asia is rich with diverse sights and cultures that will take your breath away. Visit Cambodia and let wonder satisfy your curiosity as you traverse plains and mountains in search of relaxation. Venture farther in the South and bathe in the turquoise waters of Thailand. Follow the path of ancient explorers or wrap yourself in luxury on China’s Silk Road. If you want to experience a stark contrast of modern and traditional, visit Japan’s sprawling metropoles or escape to Imperial Cities. Asia is waiting…

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Locations in Asia


A vast island continent (and former penal colony), Australia teems with natural and cultural treasures. Relax on gorgeous beaches along the sprawling coastline, or plunge below the water in Queensland to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Nature enthusiasts revel in exciting adventures in the interior, from trekking around majestic Uluru to spotting wildlife in tropical rain forests. But there's more to life down under than outdoor activities. Cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne entice with thriving dining and arts scenes, while world-class vineyards abound.

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Bhutan is a beautifully traditional piece of Asia and one of the last truly off-the-beaten-path destinations where you can marvel at the world below while perched atop the spectacularly tall Himalayan mountains peaks. Adventure-seekers will find this country a playground, filled with challenging but incredibly rewarding hikes, mountainsides dotted with monasteries and shrines to explore and plenty of hidden gems to find.

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Beyond the famous Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia is a jewel waiting to be admired. A unique mythical land, Cambodia will enchant you with its history and kindness alike. From supine rivers to sublime jungles, it is the perfect destination for the adventurer in everyone.

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Known for its rich history and culture, delicious cuisine and beautiful landscapes, India is a fascinatingly diverse country that begs to be explored. From the Himalayan mountain ranges to the tropical coastlines of Goa to the unspoiled rainforests in Assam and the Nicobar Islands, everyone will find their slice of adventure and paradise here.

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If you dream destination comprises a culturally exhilarating yet relaxing ambience then Indonesia is the perfect choice. A land of lush jungles, sparkling sands and volcanoes, Indonesia has plenty to offer to hedonists and adventurers alike.

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Mongolia is a landlocked country made up mostly of pasturelands to support the herds of grazing livestock. The vast and wild landscapes offer a strong contrast to the skyscrapers and fast-paced lifestyles of its capital, Ulaanbaatar, and its neighbors, China and Russia.

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