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Luxury Yachts

No matter where you plan to sail or what type of yacht you have in mind, whether it's a luxury mega-yacht on the Mediterranean or a stylish river-boat on the Mekong, we can help find a solution.

The Romance of Sail

Turkish Gulets in the Mediterranean

The old-school romance of travelling under sail in a wooded ship with a small group of friends or family never gets old. Turkish-built luxury gulet cruises promise a unique way to experience the Mediterranean. With the sun beating down from a brilliant blue sky, white sails billowing against a refreshing easterly breeze, and a glittering sea that dazzles, dances and ripples as the bow seamlessly cuts through aquamarine waters - this is a private yacht charter at its best.

Boutique River Cruises

Luxury Boats on Legendary Rivers

Boutique luxury riverboats provide an unparalleled platform for exploring new destinations, whether on the ancient canals of Europe or the upper reaches of the Amazon, all while cocooned in the comfort and convenience of a five star floating hotel. The intimate scale of these boats means that you can either join in with a small group of fellow adventures to make new friends or charter it in its entry for your own gang.

Expedition Yachting

Off the Beaten Track

Purpose-built explorer yachts have been one of the fastest-growing trends of late, and its not hard to see why. An expedition yacht can literally travel anywhere, from polar ice caps to remote archipelagos, and adventure activities range from kayaking past calving glaciers and onto black-sand beaches in Antarctica to swimming with inquisitive sea lions and mysterious whale sharks in the Galapagos.

Caribbean Cruising

Private Winter Playgrounds

The list of iconic Caribbean yacht charter destinations is virtually endless: visit the Leeward Islands with their luscious rainforests, anchor off Havana with its rich history and vibrant nightlife or stop in the pristine Virgin Islands for spectacular diving. Whether you are looking for a dazzling New Year celebration in St Barths or a more relaxing exploration in the Grenadine Islands, the very best of the Caribbean is yours to explore

Suited for all types of travelers

No matter where you plan to set out or what type of yacht you have in mind, luxury yacht charter escapes are all about the freedom and joy of being at sea. Glamour, wellness, effortless family fun, entertaining corporate events, adrenaline-laden escapades, full-throttle adventures – we have a wide range of charters to satisfy our most discerning travelers. With different types of build and technical specifications, flexible amenities, and specialized crews, there is a charter yacht on the market for any type of vacation you can dream of.

In destinations all over the world

Yachts are based in certain locations, but they can move around chasing the high season. A boat would typically spend the summer in the Mediterranean and the winter in the Caribbean sea. Outside these hot spots, there are more and more choices for people who prefer alternative yacht charter experiences: Antarctica and Alaska, Northern Europe, Australia and New Zealand, other exotic islands like Komodo or Galapagos, and even full-flowing rivers like the Amazon or the Mekong.


At HV, we take the complexity out of organizing a luxurious journey at sea. Planning a private yacht voyage should be as effortless as the exceptional experience you anticipate onboard. Whether you are simply looking for advice on the perfect expedition river cruise or seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience to celebrate a milestone event, our team will deliver seamless, end-to-end service paired with superb treatment on the water and in every port.

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