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South Africa

From the dry, semi-arid plains of the Kalahari, through the imposing mountains of the Drakensberg region and down to the stunning coastline of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, South Africa is a stunning and wild country of immense beauty and adventure. An adrenaline junkies dream, South Africa boasts a limitless array of adventure and activity while taking in the stunning geographical regions throughout the country. If heart-pounding activity is not on your list or you need to relax, South Africa has everything you need. Visit the bustling and cosmopolitan cities or spend time sampling some of the nations finest wines in the wine region. Either way, come explore and find out why South Africa is called the center of safaris.

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Tours in South Africa

Africa / South AfricaSouth Africa Luxury Adventure

10 Days 9 Nights
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US $6995
- Cape Town- Plettenberg- Eastern Cape
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