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HV Story

With 32 years of expertise in curating bespoke luxury travel experiences, HV has evolved from its humble beginnings into a trusted name in personalized Luxury Travel. Contact Us Today

Humble Beginnings

In 1991, Homesaway was born, operating from a single villa in France's Burgundy region, exclusively catering to groups of cycling enthusiasts. Each villa came with a local host, providing guests with personalized service and authentic experiences. By 1995, the business had changed hands, with the new owner expanding both destinations and villa offerings.


Early Success

Expanding into neighbouring Italy, HV continued to prioritize personalized service, introducing the concept of Local Hosts to provide guests with expert guides for immersive cultural experiences. This emphasis on authenticity propelled HV into a leading European villa travel company, culminating in the transformation into Hosted Villas.


Adapting to Change

Despite new competitors flooding the villa market, HV maintained its differentiation by meticulously handpicking properties and prioritizing personalized service over mere listings. Recognizing evolving client needs, HV expanded its services beyond villas to offer full-scale travel planning. While villas remain our roots, with over 1000 hand-selected properties in our portfolio across Europe, HV now offers full-service travel planning, curating custom bespoke itineraries tailored to suit your every desire.


Navigating Challenges

In 2018, HV embarked on a significant expansion, introducing seven new destinations across the Americas and the Caribbean, featuring over 125 hand-selected properties. However, the pandemic of 2020 disrupted global travel, prompting HV to pivot and focus on resilience.


Embracing the Future

We have enhanced our offerings with bespoke planning services and continue to innovate with new destination options, including private yachts and tailored tours. Whether you seek the comfort of a villa or the luxury of a hotel, HV is dedicated to helping you find accommodations that suit your needs, ensuring your travel experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

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