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Chris left his home and native land at 23 for a five-month, 10,000 kilometre cycling trip through Europe ...

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Several years ago, I travelled with family and friends to Italy and experienced first hand the exceptional ...

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Craig is an adrenaline junky, serial entrepreneur, gifted raconteur and generally unflappable man of ...

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Norman is an over-educated ex lawyer and itinerant wordsmith who made the fatal mistake of guiding for ...

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Anaïs, originally from Belgium, has travelled and lived in seven countries and with her three nationalities ...

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Always ready for an adventure, especially if it involves visiting new places and eating delicious food, ...

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Over the years, I have travelled to several destinations, staying in various types of accommodation. ...

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Mariam is originally from Paris; she has travelled to more than sixteen countries and lived in ten the ...

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Meet some of our Hosts

Never an impossible request. And always beyond your expectations. We make “once in lifetime” happen everytime.

Stjepan, Croatia

I have explored and enjoyed the natural and cultural delights of Dalmatia my whole life and still feel ...

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Kim, Tuscany

I love to show our guests the Italy I know and love, the challenge is fitting it all in in only a week ...

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Angelo, Barcelona

Before landing in Barcelona, I was an avid traveler. I have lived in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, ...

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Marie-Jose, France

I am originally from Holland but have fallen in love with France and now consider it my second home. ...

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Elizabeth, Tuscany

I love my job! My favourite part is showing my guests an Italy they would not normally discover on their ...

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Valeria, Rome

I really enjoy being a Local Host and making sure my guests are excited about their planned itineraries. ...

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Marianne, Dordogne

Looking for adventure brought my family from England to the Dordogne and it was the best decision ever. ...

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Pascha, Provence

I'm from Holland but planned a move to this region with my husband about 13 years ago. We love raising ...

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Darling, Dominican Republic

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic I fell in love with Bavaro where I now I call home. This region ...

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Marbel, Puerto Vallarta

I will never forget my first holiday to Puerto Vallarta, 18 years ago, the cobble stone roads, the ...

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