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HV Distinction

We understand everyone is different and our Experience Managers and Local Hosts pride themselves on curating and delivering personalized luxury experiences that are a perfect fit for everyone in your group. Different by design


The Perfect Fit...

At HV, we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Unlike other travel providers, our travel experiences are designed around people not places. Understanding our guests is our beating heart and is the building block for creating the truly memorable experiences for which we are renowned. All our featured properties have been carefully selected after being visited by a member of our team to ensure that not only do they meet our own exacting standards, but also that we know we are best placed to recommend villa options that are perfectly suited to you.

The Art of Unique...

Luxury is personal and nobody understands that better than our team of Experience Managers. While recognizing that finding your perfect accommodation in your chosen destination is an important aspect of your trip, it is our proven ability to provide truly personalized experiences that will turn your vacation into memories that will last a lifetime. Bespoke, tailor-made and personal are used commonly by travel providers but at HV it is part of our DNA.

Experience It...

Ensuring your vacation experience is delivered perfectly is the role of our Local Hosts who live and work in your chosen destination. They are passionate about their region, travel experiences and delivering unmatched in-destination services. Without exception, every piece of client feedback we receive at HV singles out our Hosts as a defining feature of their stay - we are extremely proud of our team and are never surprised at the lengths they will go to make sure our guests' stays are executed to perfection.

Your Local Host


I love to show our guests the Italy I know and love, the challenge is fitting it all in in only a week and slowing down to appreciate all the goodness here! My goal is to make what would be a great week in Tuscany a flawless experience that they will ...

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