Slow down, style up and indulge in the Italian lifestyle. The epicentre of the Roman Empire and birthplace of the Renaissance, it’s also home to some of the world’s top fine-dining destinations and extraordinary natural diversity.

Amalfi Coast

On the Amalfi Coast, nature shines with panoramic views in all directions. Here you’ll find picturesque villages, turquoise waters, splendorous islands, and hillsides of lemon groves, olives trees and vineyards.

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Lake District

The Italian Lakes are blessed with a mellow subtropical microclimate. Surrounded by mountains, the sparkling waters stretch off into the distance, while ferries travel between towns and villages ringed with luxuriant gardens.

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Rome is an iconic metropolis of eclectic and ancient neighborhoods. This is a city where you’ll want to have your own local address, allowing you plenty of time to soak up the scene and indulge in la dolce vita.

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Sienna-colored hills, rows of cypress trees, and hilltop villages characterize the countryside of Tuscany. This area is a unique and preserved mix of architectural and cultural traditions. Don’t be surprised if you recognize a scene from a classic film.

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The “green basket of Italy” is known for its rich agricultural production and healthy, rustic cuisine. Here you’ll find dense forests, verdant valleys, and hilltop villages with some of the greatest artistic and architectural achievements in Italy.

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