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When dreaming of a Caribbean holiday, with hot sun shining on white sandy beaches, palm trees swaying above the warm, clear blue sea, Antigua will fulfill your every wish.

With a plethora of palm-fringed, crescent beaches, local bonhomie and wonderful culture, Antigua presents an easygoing sanctuary of sunshine and relaxation. You’ll find some of the best sailing and water sports available anywhere in the Caribbean. Plus there’s much to explore on land as well. Of course, with its charming British roots, Antigua offers high quality cricket throughout its parishes and at the international level.

The Caribbean enjoys a splendid 8-month season, and we encourage traveling during the less crowded weeks in early Spring to savor a quiet and truly relaxing villa vacation.

Turtle Point

Luxury waterfront villa

Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4Children: YesMax Occupancy: 8