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Fall in Love with Anguilla

Category: Activities & Experiences | 02.18.2020

Breathtaking Beaches…

With lush white sand and gorgeous turquoise water, the 33 beaches in Anguilla seem like they could only exist in a fantasy world. This is one of the good reason why you might fall in love with Anguilla.

Shoal Bay East, or ‘the point,’ is usually regarded as the top beach on the island. It curves out in the middle of this two-mile stretch, further enhancing the picturesqueness of ‘the point.’ Furthermore, the reefs are astounding in their beauty.

From walking around or soaking in rays on a chair, to swimming and snorkeling in its majestic waters, Shoal Bay East offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for beach-goers of all kinds.

Mouth-Watering Food

Anguilla more than lives up to its reputation as a haven for foodies. The island is home to more than 70 restaurants that cook inspiring meals in a diverse array of culinary styles.

Whether visitors crave pizza, French cuisine, Asian Fusion, or Creole spices (to name a few examples), there’s an option.

Olde Valley’s Koal Keel is an Anguilla institution—a charming restaurant, situated inside a wooden and stone Caribbean home. The Koal Keel serves scintillating Caribbean-Indian fusion dishes. And its intimate atmosphere is ideal for those seeking a quiet meal.

For an authentic Caribbean beach barbecue, visit Scilly Cay for some out-of-this-world grilled lobster and rum punch.

Awe-Inspiring Attractions

Taking a day to see the sights in Anguilla will prove just as engaging and enjoyable as a day soaking in rays at the beach or devouring rich gourmet fare.

The Olde Valley District in Anguilla’s capital is filled with eye-catching colonial architecture. While the Heritage Collection museum provides a detailed account of the island’s history. Also, vacationers can bird-watch at Anguilla’s incredible salt ponds.

Lastly, a day away from beaches and restaurants can be spent on the water, enjoying fishing, sailing, or diving at the local reefs and wrecks.

A Flurry of Festivals and Events

Any visit to Anguilla – between January and December – is likely to coincide with a boat race, the island’s national sport.

Music is a massive part of Anguillan culture, and as such, there’s the Moonsplash Music Festival in March that features both local and international talent. On top of that, there’s the Tranquility Jazz Festival.


The vibrant beach bars of Shoals Bay and Sandy Ground await anybody seeking the nightlife in Anguilla.

After reading this, you might have already fallen in love with Anguilla, right? So, go there on your next vacation and experience the real thing. Explore our incredible properties in Anguilla to find your next home-away-from-home in this tropical paradise.

Feeling adventurous? All the more reasons for you to fall in love with Anguilla:

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