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4 reasons why you should choose a villa for your next getaway

Category: Insiders Guide | 07.28.2020

We look forward to comfortably walking through busy markets on a Saturday morning and meeting new people, whether that be the winemakers in a vineyard or making friends with the next table over while enjoying a mid-afternoon cappuccino. While we are all working hard on getting to that place, we’re also itching to travel. We’re happy to offer our safe and secluded villas where families can still enjoy traveling to a new destination but in the privacy and comfort of a private space. Discover 4 reasons why you should choose a villa for your next getaway and how our villas can offer you peace of mind for your future travel plans: 

1. Hand-selected villas offer the comforts of home in incredible destinations

Our portfolio of villas has been carefully curated to ensure they meet the needs of our clientele and allow our guests to settle in and relax with the comforts of home. Skip the lobby and head right into your own private, spacious villa with an endless list of in-villa services that promise a relaxing getaway. There is something to be said for having your own private kitchen, swimming pool and bathrooms while vacationing. 

2. 5-Star Services 

Think 5-star hotel services but without the confinement of a hotel room. Additionally, your villa staff is servicing you and not hundreds of other hotel guests. They’ll adapt to the type of service you are looking for, your likes and interests, and be able to provide you with in-destination guidance and support. 

3. Pre-Trip Planning

Especially during these unprecedented times, meticulous planning is needed more than ever and has been a service we have perfected over the last 25 years. We’re here to help be your destination expert and provide first-hand knowledge of what your trip will look like and the protocols and safety procedures in place to ensure a safe holiday. We always recommend leaving a few days open for spontaneous adventure, but that incredible restaurant you saw on Instagram that you must visit? We’ll make sure you have reservations so there are no disappointments.   

4. Living Like A Local

Although Covid-19 may be getting in the way a bit here, we’re still doing our best to make sure you get an incredible experience and can surround yourself with the new culture of your chosen destination. HV is known for taking care of the little details, whether that be local delicacies delivered to your villa upon arrival or private excursions to must-see places, we’re adapting to ensure despite the current situation, your experience will be one you won’t forget. 


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