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Combining Luxury & Adventure in Anguilla

Category: Featured Villa Experiences | 10.12.2018

With its gleaming, icing-sugar beaches, off-island cays, consistent warm breezes and calm waters, not only is Anguilla an ideal Caribbean destination, if you are in search of a little boost of adrenaline, it also happens to be an ideal place for kite-surfing. While most visitors head to Anguilla to stretch out by the pool or recline on the sand, it is definitely gaining popularity among the adventurous types whose idea of fun is being pulled through the water while strapped to a board.

Often described as a combination of surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing, the idea – and goal – of the sport is to catch the wind with your kite and use it to build enough energy to catch waves. Often times, you’ll find yourself airborne, soaring 10 to 20 feet above the waves (and even higher) for short periods of time, and if you are particularly talented, you can even throw in a few flips and back-flips in for good measure. Completely exhilarating, it makes for an exciting (and dare say, wonderfully exhausting) day out on Anguilla’s bright turquoise waters. Better still, there aren’t any aggressive kite-surfers jockeying for the best positions, that type of competition just doesn’t exist here, making it an ideal spot for those just learning the sport.

There are also a variety of locations to take advantage of, with something to suit any level of experience – from the more exposed spots with 10 to 20-foot waves for the more advanced kite-surfer, to the calm, sheltered area with sandy bottoms perfect for beginners. And of course there are those consistent trade winds that blow through from the east all year long.

Anguilla Watersports is a local outfitter that your villa’s Local Host will happily coordinate with to get you and other members of your group out on that water for a fun-filled day out. The owner has taught every age and stage, from kids as young as 8 and up. (They also have an inflatable water park and offer kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals for those who would prefer a more low key day on the water.)

Located in Cove Bay, at the western end of the island, Anguilla Watersports is easily accessed from all of the Hosted Villas homes on Anguilla, however Villas Cordia and Reverie are the closest, with the latter located just minutes from the beach.

Just across the island as the bird flies (but in Anguilla, everything is pretty close), the two bedroom Villa Reverie is another option. Perched on high ground and overlooking the beach and ocean, it exudes charm and luxury, while also being the perfect home base for day trips out and around the island. Charming and secluded, this luxury villa is set on high ground, just a few minutes’ walk from Mead’s Bay, which is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Anguilla. Walled and gated for privacy, Reverie features two master bedrooms and is surrounded by lush tropical gardens.

The three-bedroom Villa Cordia is a great choice for active travellers. Not only is it close to lots of ocean fun, but it offers an onsite fitness space, an infinity pool with a double jet-stream for cardio training, along with all the comfort and luxury you’re craving in a tropical villa escape. Located just minutes from two pristine white sand beaches on the island’s western coast, Villa Cordia is a great choice for anyone looking to combine a little activity with their R&R. Featuring a fitness pavilion furnished with the latest equipment, perfect for keeping fit during your stay.

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