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The Best Healing Holidays to Combat Festive Fatigue

Category: Activities & Experiences | 12.27.2019

After a month of non-stop socializing, unhealthy festive eating, and a few too many late nights, it’s no wonder we’re worn out come January. That’s why the New Year offers the perfect opportunity to get back on track with healing holidays and wellness getaways to combat that festive fatigue.

Whether you’re into yoga, surfing, or you’re after a nap-inducing Swedish massage, we have a private villa available for you to kick-start your health retreat in 2020. Keep reading to discover some of our favourite trips to rejuvenate both the mind and body. From rustic cabin getaways to luxury island villas, we’ve got you covered. 

Surfing in the Algarve, Portugal

Over the years, surfing in the Algarve, Portugal has become a very popular wellness sport with the area being a niche area of tourism in the country. And what better way to refresh your mind and body after the festive slump than by getting out on the water and battling to surf those waves?

The Algarve is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and warm climate. It’s also a European hotspot for surfing and the waves are consistent every day of the year. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the water is warm, refreshing, and clear blue. What’s more, the atmosphere of the Algarve is laid-back, and the locals are friendly.

The combination of action, fitness, adrenaline, and nature is why surfing is such a great activity for a healing holiday in the New Year.

Beginner? Not to worry, newbies are welcome to hit the waves too, and there are plenty of teachers who cater to beginners. The stretch of coastline is renowned for its fabulous surf conditions, whatever your abilities are.

Yoga in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its tropical rainforests, rugged beaches, adventure activities, and friendly locals. The beautiful green country also happens to be a top spot for yoga trip enthusiasts too.

Thanks to the relaxed vibes and jaw-dropping nature, the paradise country draws new and advanced yoga enthusiasts from all around the globe. The lush rainforests and sandy beaches make it the ideal place to combine practicing yoga with the excitement of an island getaway. Spend one morning practicing beach yoga and the next seeking out quick-footed monkeys and colorful parrots through the trees.

There are tons of yoga retreats and classes with different sceneries to suit your needs. From open-air yoga vacations surrounded by inspiring mountain vistas to practices found in eco-huts deep within the jungle, you’ll have plenty of options to stretch on your yoga mat surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Plus, with plenty of delicious and fresh local fruits and vegetables available you’ll feel healthier by the day after all that festive feasting.

Many programs will also involve other exciting activities and exercises, to add some versatility to your wellness travel holiday. For example, think nature hikes, soothing massages, healthy cooking classes, and surfing.

For the ultimate relaxation, there are also plenty of jungle spas you can indulge in. Many of these feature spectacular verdant views, tranquil pools, and locally inspired treatments such as Costa Rican coffee scrub and fruity facials.

Wellness in Whistler

If it’s the cold chill of air that will perk you into gear after the New Year, then a fitness retreat to Whistler in Canada’s British Columbia will soon awaken your senses. The looming mountains, pristine lakes, and adrenaline-fuelled activities all make Whistler an ideal setting to help you reconnect with your mind and body.

Where better to clear your mind and discover the path to optimal health and wellness, than between the snow-capped mountains of Whistler? If you’re hoping to get closer to nature, then this is the place.

Plus, there’s a flourishing arts and culture scene, plenty of delicious local produce, and tons of wellness-specific events to get involved in.

Whistler offers a huge selection of calming spas and wellness facilities. These often offer a plethora of soothing treatments to help you feel restored and refreshed in the middle of the mountains.

Or, for more yoga, you’ll have plenty of choices too. There is a selection of yoga studios and retail spots that offer daily yoga classes in relaxing and open spaces, whatever your expertise.

Alternatively, hit the gym and kick-start your fitness regime for 2020. Whistler is full well-equipped gyms and fitness facilities. Where else can you exercise surrounded by such sublime natural beauty?

Whatever your holiday tastes, there’s sure to be an activity to help set you on the right path this January. Whistler will help you reconnect with yourself, whatever your wellness needs.

Spa in Saint Lucia

Sometimes what we need following the busy festive period is a health retreat of pampering and relaxation. After all, most of us spend December rushing around buying Christmas presents, catching up with friends and family, and overindulging in high-calorie food and alcohol.

And where else to base yourself on a spa getaway than the tropical island paradise of Saint Lucia? Of all the tropical islands of the Caribbean, Saint Lucia may be the best option to discover pampering and dreamy indulgence. The island is a sanctuary of natural beauty, with sprawling sandy beaches and verdant mountains covered in rainforests. Plus, the weather is warm and pleasant all year round, even in January.

On Saint Lucia spa vacations, your experience can be as lively or as relaxed as you like. Lounge on the golden beaches and unwind with heavenly treatments at the various luxury spas dotted across the island. For a dose of action and adventure, consider combining your spa trip with hiking through the lush rainforests and high-adrenaline activities and excursions such as jet skiing. For the best spa vacations, a visit to Saint Lucia is simply a must.

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