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Top 4 reasons why you should visit Mediterranean destinations in the Fall

Category: Insiders Guide | 05.13.2022

Mediterranean countries such as France, Italy, Croatia or Greece are some of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. And for good reason. They have beautiful artwork, romantic ruins, rich cultures, exquisite gastronomies, vibrant cities and of course let’s not forget their gorgeous Mediterranean coastlines. Obviously, those destinations are filled with visitors from across the globe in the summer months. But one of our favourite times to visit is in autumn. So we are sharing with you our top 4 reasons why you should visit Mediterranean destinations in the Fall. As well as a few ideas on where to go.

1. Crowds are gone

The lucky ones who get to take their vacations in the fall will be able to take full advantage of the greatest Mediterranean destinations. Indeed, you will be able to enjoy your holidays peacefully without the risk of being jostled at the entrance to a museum or a park. Most travellers have returned for the start of the school year or to resume work so there are fewer people. You can quietly enjoy the beaches or fill up on culture in your chosen destination.

2. Perfect weather

During Fall, it is not only the number of tourists that decreases. The temperatures become idyllic. Summer heat is gone which gives you more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Yet the weather is still warm and nice enough to fully embrace vacation mode, all the more in Mediterranean destinations. With sunshine still at “the rendez-vous” and swimming in the Mediterranean a real treat!

Do you run, walk, climb or ride? If you are sporty, all the outdoor activities are also available to you in the fall. The icing on the cake will be those magnificent colours of autumn.


3. Wine tasting and harvest festivals

Fall in Europe is often synonymous with harvest festivals and wine tasting events. Visit some of the world’s most notable wine regions around the Mediterranean to taste the precious result of the harvest with a tour of the wine trails. Or maybe enjoy truffle season in Italy and France and savour a dish with white truffle oil or black truffle oil. Perhaps take part in olive harvest in Croatia where olive growing is as old as the Greeks! The months of September and October are rich in events and festivals across all the regions. And you will be assured to participate in a nourishing experience, both for the senses and for the soul.

4. More Luxury Villas to choose from

It goes without saying that our luxury villa rentals in the most exclusive locations are booked way in advance. Hence summer availability can be scarce if you are planning a “last minute” getaway in Europe. On top of all the great reasons to visit Mediterranean in the fall, choosing to go during that time of year gives you more choices in selecting your dream vacation rental. Of course, the added bonus is also that you get access to better rates than you would in the summer months.

Mediterranean destinations to visit in the fall

Now that we have covered our top four reasons why you should visit Mediterranean destinations in autumn, you may be wondering where it would be best to go at that time of year?

While it is always a question of personal preferences, we like to think of it as if you were making your own recipe and selecting which ingredients you want the most of in order to create your dream vacation. What importance do you allocate to beaches, gastronomy, terroir or bustling city life? Of course, you want a bit of everything, but which ones might be the most important ones for you and your family?

We can give you ideas for inspirations. And we can also help you create your perfect recipe for your next Mediterranean escape in the fall.

For now let’s start with a few ideas for inspiration:

If we have inspired you to travel in the fall, don’t hesitate to ask us for help on creating that perfect recipe.

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