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Croatia Villa Rentals

Nestled between the mountains and the Adriatic, sun and sea are the star attractions of the Dalmatian Coast. Between the northern and southern ends of the region soaring cliffs are broken by stunning beaches and small fishing hamlets. Dozens of islands and peninsulas cater to every desire from delicious Dalmatia cuisine and drink to secluded islets and coves. The two largest cities of Dubrovnik and Split draw travelers in with a combination of historical sites and a vibrant nightlife. Stay in one of our many luxury villa rentals in Croatia and lay in the sun, dine on the waterfront or explore the islands, the choice is yours in this Croatian paradise.

Locations in Croatia

An enticing combination of old walled cities, fabulous beaches and welcoming islands.

Europe / CroatiaDalmatian Coast

The most famous stretch of the Croatian Adriatic, the Dalmatian Coast offers dramatic limestone cliffs that give way to seductive beaches along crystal blue waters. Dubrovnik and Split offer old city charm while the islands of Hvar and Korcula cater to those looking to escape the bustle.

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A real-life fairytale

Europe / CroatiaIstria

The perfect place to indulge in gourmet food, muscat wine, ancient history, and gorgeous pebble beaches, Istria is a beautiful region of Croatia, both along the coast and inland, with its idyllic hilltop towns.

Explore Istria
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The gems of the Adriatic

Europe / CroatiaThe Islands

Hvar, Brač and Vis are just three of the 1,200 gorgeous islands that line the Croatian coastline from Istria all the way south to Dubrovnik. Some known for nightlife, others as escapes, and more than 80% that have no people on them at all, there is something for everyone here.

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