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Kid Friendly Activities in Italy and France

Category: Insiders Guide | 12.2.2019

Taking the kids to Europe this summer? Let our Local Hosts help you keep them entertained (and educated)! Here are a few suggestions from our local experts on kid-friendly activities in Italy and France.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

There is no better way to experience the history and the Mediterranean sea together than by snorkeling. The ancient ports around the Amalfi Coast were buried by volcanic activity in the 16th century which caused a change in sea level. That fact offers the unique opportunity to snorkel the clear blue sea on top of an underwater maze of ruins, mosaics, and columns. For dramatic effect take the kids for a hike up Mount Vesuvius to visit the cone of the volcano that buried several cities around Naples, including Pompeii.

Dordogne, France

Kids will be full of imagination touring the Chateau de Castelnaud’s Museum of Medieval Warfare. At the entrance to the castle they will be greeted by working models of primitive iron bombards and 16th-century stone-throwing artillery. The museum is home to the largest private collection of medieval arms and armor in France. Although medieval history is not all there is to do in Dordogne. For nature lovers, not to be missed are the stunning stalactite caves with unusual rock formations. One of the most unforgettable experiences for your kids would be crossing the underground lake at Gouffe de Padirac. The site is over 100 meters underground and encompasses a labyrinth of lakes, pools and stalactite formations. Nearby many of the caves there are picnic areas and forest trails.

Rome, Italy

Take the kids on a treasure hunt to interact with history. Using Safari d’Arte books as your guide, your local host can lead your kids on an exciting treasure hunt allowing them to discover Rome for themselves. The books have maps and coordinate easy for kids to follow and make them curious about some of the world’s most famous artistic masterpieces. They’ll look for clues in Baroque fountains and on ancient stadiums that will lead them all over the city learning about Rome’s most important legends protagonists. The Safari d’Arte itineraries cover Piazza Navona, Villa Borghese, the Jewish Ghetto, the Vatican and the Coliseum.

Loire Valley, France

While Venice has gondolas, Loire has the futreau. Discover the town of Blois by navigating on a traditional boat of Loire measuring about 10 meters with a flat bottom and designed to navigate through the bridges. That is not the only form of transportation for entertainment in the area. Kids also love a balloon ride offering overhead views of the landscape, or a horse-drawn carriage to the Chateau de Chambord, one of the finest examples of French Renaissance architecture.

All of our luxury properties are designed for adult comforts, and our resident Local Host is happy to help entertain the entire family and plan unique and kid-friendly activities in Italy and France (and beyond) so that everyone would enjoy and be able interact with the local culture.

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