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Family Friendly Experiences

Category: Insiders Guide | 07.31.2019

Not Sure Where to Take the Family for a Getaway? Try one of these Five Family-Friendly Vacation Experiences

It’s not always easy to find an ideal getaway spot to enjoy with the entire family.

So, read the list below for the top five vacation destinations that both parents and children will treasure for the rest of their lives:

Turks & Caicos

Why is Turks and Caicos such an excellent vacation spot for the family? When asking most people who’ve visited, the magnificent three-mile stretch of sand known as Grace Bay Beach is the definitive answer.

The crystal-clear waters gracing the bay’s shores are some of the clearest throughout the entire world. Even better? Waves are scarce in Grace Bay, meaning the whole family can swim safely and soundly.

Attractions are also plentiful, such as Conch World—a farm where kids can see trained conches come out of their shells.

Where To Stay: Coral House


Jamaica’s laid-back atmosphere, vibrant culture, and multitudes of gorgeous, white sand beaches all contribute to an unforgettable destination for people of all ages. 

Swimming in the gleaming ocean water is worth the trip alone, and the trademark friendliness of the locals in beautiful spots like Ocho Rios, Negril, and Montego Bay acts as the icing on the cake.

While it’s recommended to try trademark dishes such as jerk chicken and pork, the mouth-watering seafood accounts for some tantalizing culinary offerings. Namely, the ackee and saltfish is a gorgeous dish enjoyed throughout the island.

Where To Stay: Canoe Cove

Saint Lucia

The entire family is bound to revel in Saint Lucia’s perfect mix of tranquil beaches, robust rainforests, and awe-inspiring cliffs. 

Also, the island is known for its gracious locals, beautiful nature trails, and excellent creole dishes. 

Take the family to see Sulfur Springs—the world’s only drive-in volcano. It’s an experience that’s something to behold; visitors can drive directly to the Soufriere Volcano to see the sulfur and water bubble hypnotically.

Where To Stay: Villa Lucia

Punta Mita

Nothing says ‘lavish sanctuary’ quite like this 1,500-acre private peninsula located just north of Puerto Vallarta. 

Punta Mita is an ultimate luxury destination that’s known as a celebrity getaway—a definite selling point for those wishing to rub shoulders with the stars.

Not only does the blissful island boast two signature Jack Nicklaus golf courses and a tennis center with ten courts, but also a funky surfer town called Sayulita just 30 minutes away. Sayulita is nestled in the jungle and always buzzing with welcoming locals.

From world-class spas, delicious restaurants, all the way to whale watching and other wildlife encounters, Punta Mita guarantees a fantastic experience for everyone.

Where To Stay: Villa Austral


Anybody with a penchant for surfing and windsurfing will thoroughly enjoy the turquoise waters of this astonishingly splendid island. 

Barbados’s Platinum Coast’s tranquil beaches offer both optimal sunbathing conditions as well as a chance to encounter unique sea life (e.g., flying fish, Man O’ War, lionfish) during family snorkeling adventures.

Whether it’s building sandcastles with the kids on the beach, exploring the Animal Flower Cave, or sauntering along the sea on a sailboat, a plethora of engaging activities awaits the family in Barbados.

Where To Stay: Latitude


With the help of this list, the hardest part might be choosing between these five breathtaking islands. We’re sure you’ll make the best choice for your family!

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