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How to make your villa vacation a success

Category: Insiders Guide | 08.12.2020

From finding the perfect villa in the ideal destination to planning unforgettable experiences, our team is eager to get back to creating your dream vacations. While thoughts of traveling right now may be stressful, if you think a villa vacation is in your future, we’re here with a few tried and true tips to ensure it is a success.

1.    Figure out what really matters. When your group is deciding on a villa vacation together, make sure your pre-trip conversations lead to understanding everyone’s needs and wants. Is your group looking to be immersed in arts and culture, or being active, maybe cycling some of Europe’s iconic routes? Or is your group looking for a more low-key week relaxing beachside? Are you traveling with kids? What are their interests? Our Experience Managers are experts at collecting this information and understanding what is important to you and every member of your group traveling. 

 2.    Manage everyone’s expectations. Traveling together might be the ultimate test of any relationship. We all do it differently and spend time and money according to our priorities. Manage everyone’s expectations for time together and time apart by bringing the trip decision-makers together to create the perfect itinerary that works for everyone.   

3.    Divvy up the work. Travel takes planning, and each group needs to decide on a leader and primary point of contact for their Experience Manager. But this doesn’t mean the leader determines the schedule. Each group member should share in the responsibilities to seek out what they want from their vacation. And we understand everyone is different, so we’re happy to help accommodate each member of the traveling group. 

4.    Take advantage of our expertise. We appreciate a chance to share our knowledge and talents with our guests, its the reason we do what we do. Our pre-trip travel planning and Local Host services are second to none and are what set us apart. 

5.    Success is in the details. We leave no detail overlooked! From airport pick-ups to babysitting to chef-prepared dinners on your patio, we don’t leave out any details. We’ve been doing this for years, and our attention to detail will ensure the best villa vacation possible for you and your guests. 

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