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Meet the team: Q&A with Patty

Category: Insiders Guide | 09.11.2020

Our Meet The Team campaign continues this week with one of our star Experience Managers, Patty Roy. Before working with us, Patty traveled with HostedVillas and experienced first hand the services we offer. She still considers this to be one of her most memorable travel experiences. By sharing her vision for a group vacation with family and friends with one of our travel advisors, we crafted an itinerary that exceeded her expectations. It wasn’t much later she joined the company! Patty understands your time is valuable and the pressures involved in planning trips. She takes care of the little details and creates vacation experiences that remind everyone of the joy of travel.

Tell a favorite experience you’ve created for a client?

Vintage Car Tour – The Deux Chevaux car recently celebrated its 70th birthday, and it remains an iconic and historical symbol of classic French motoring. Renting one of these beauties and touring the countryside for the day is an absolute must-do activity for those car aficionados. 

What food/dining options do you recommend to your clients?

Skip the tourist traps and eat where the locals eat! They know best – good food, the freshest local ingredients, a warm and hospitable atmosphere, and an authentic and enjoyable dining experience. 

Carry on Essentials?

  • A journal and a nice pen.  
  • My favorite Turkish towel. It’s lightweight, functions as a blanket on a flight, or a pillow when folded up, and it’s super handy as a beach towel or coverup on island arrival.  
  • Cozy socks and moisturizer!

What is your favorite thing about villa vacations?

While today’s hotel suites are luxe and very lovely, villas offer the feel-good ease and familiar comforts of home. Villas offer maximum personal space, have everything at hand, have absolute privacy, and often contribute to a destination’s unique cultural experience. I’ve stayed in a former fortress, a cozy home who’s previous life was an olive mill and a house built into the bauxite rock of Provence. These “homes away from home” were all incredibly cool!

Where was one of your favorite travel memories?

The relaxed and easy-going days of beach vacations with my kids. The warm sun, messages in the sand, playing in the waves, rock collections. Such wonderful times!  

Thank you, Patty.

Although Patty specializes in all of our destinations, if you’re looking for a truly unique experience in Provence, Tuscany, or Barcelona, she is your girl! Get in touch with her by clicking here.

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