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A Perfect Week in Barbados

Category: Activities & Experiences | 03.15.2022

Emerging from the Caribbean Sea under a year-round sun, Barbados seduces with its postcard setting where the azure blue of the sea, the shimmering white of the sand and the emerald green of nature offer a surprising clash of colors. But Barbados, a former British colony, is also the ineffable charm of cities inherited from British colonization nestled on land in the Lesser Antilles. From its past, Barbados has everything of a romantic city with its colonial mansions that sign the architectural landscape of large cities like Bridgetown.

Read on to discover what your perfect week in Barbados could look like.

A true seaside jewel, Barbados has an absolutely magnificent coastline where some sixty beaches follow one another, rivaling each other in beauty, as revealed by the heavenly Crane Beach, one of the most beautiful on the island. In this leading idleness destination, savour the joys of the sea against a backdrop of spectacular landscapes. Treat yourself to pure moments of relaxation on dream beaches like Paynes Bay. Pursue these moments of happiness in the cozy comfort of your luxury villa. Vary the pleasures and go explore the seabed during a dive off Sandy Lane Beach where the sea is exceptionally clear.

Discover the soul of Barbados through its authentic culture. Visit a rum distillery or plan a getaway to fishing villages like Sainte-Lucy or Saint-Joseph as they reveal the Caribbean side of this destination. This small island is truly a world apart which guarantees you total disconnection during your trip. You will appreciate this exquisite atmosphere and this gentle Caribbean way of life which will add an exceptional cachet to your stay in Barbados.




Filled with friendly locals, fresh, local produce, handmade pottery, and jewellery.



A spectacular cave with a gallery of stalactites hanging from the roof and streams of crystal-clear running water dropping from waterfalls to form deep emerald pools.



If you’re visiting the island in the summer months, the epic Crop Over festival will be filling the streets with legendary events, all day parties and more.



With over 80 white sand beaches, a visit to Barbados wouldn’t be complete with a day soaking up the rays on one of it’s world-renowned beaches.



Home to what is considered the birthplace of rum, this island has four distilleries that are definitely worth visiting.

Day 1: Welcome to your Villa!


After a long day of travel, a light arrival buffet composed of regional favourites and delicacies will welcome you to your villa (choose your villa in Barbados). Enjoy this buffet of food while you settle into your home away from home and start to fall into island life!

Day 2: Market Day


Every Sunday from 9-2, the lush lawns of Holders House transforms into an organic farmer’s market focusing on helping the Bajan community sell locally grown foods and build a sustainable farming industry. This bustling farmers’ market has rows of stalls brimming with fresh produce and beautiful, handmade pottery. You’ll find everything from bright orange carrots and shiny sweet peppers to native fruit like soursop – a delicious fruit that tastes like a combination of strawberry and apple. You’ll get a real taste of Bajan life here. Then spend the afternoon poolside, snacking on fresh fruit from the market and maybe a rum punch in hand.

Day 3: Explore the Sea


Whether you’re interested in discovering the marine life under the water, grabbing a pair of skis to catch a few waves behind a boat, or looking to relax on deck, our private boat charters promise a fun day out on the water. Enjoy lunch and dinner with a menu catered to your tastes on a unique beach, or enjoy it on board.


Day 4: Beach Day


Barbados offers more than 80 white sandy, pristine beaches, each with its unique character and caters to different interests. Depending on what you want your beach day to look like, we can recommend the best beach for you. Whether it be heading to The Soup Bowl in Bathsheba to catch the perfect wave or looking to escape the crowds and be surrounded by nothing but sun, sand, and the sea. We’ll pack a picnic and have all the beach day fixings ready to go, so all you have to do is relax.

Private Chef Dinner


When you’re tired from the sun, head home to a cook in your kitchen preparing tonight’s feast. Your Experience Manager will help you put together a perfect meal based on the groups tastes and preferences.

Day 5: Farm to Table


For a truly unique experience and to explore the island’s lush interior, discover Peg Farm & Nature reserve. This 108-acre plantation, once home to waving sugarcanes, has now been transformed into a destination for locally-grown produce and livestock where you can taste local flavors at their farm-to-table cafe, learn about the healing properties of local plants, and even how to basket weave.

After visiting the farm, take a stroll through the Andromeda Botanic Gardens nearby, where you’ll enjoy a magnificent six-acre garden filled with tropical flowers, shrubs, and an unparalleled variety of trees, while monkeys play, bird’s chirp, and butterflies mingle.

Day 6: A Day at the Villa


Catch up on some R&R and spend a day at the villa. We can fill the pool with floaties, bring some games to play outside and have a bbq on the terrace. It’s all-day fun. In the afternoon, head to one of the internationally recognized rum distilleries such as Mount Gay for a true taste of Barbados. It’s expertly crafted from the rich sugar cane and pristine, coral-filtered water native to the island, and its passionate crafters have earned it the title, “the rum that invented rum.”

Day 7: Oistin’s Friday Night Fish Fry


We kept the best for last. The day is yours, whether it be exploring another local market, doing some shopping, or laying by the beach, but whatever you do, make sure you are hungry when dinner rolls around because you have to head to Oistin’s Fish Fry.

Oistin’s is a busy fishing town on the island’s south coast that comes alive on the weekend. It’s filled with visitors and locals looking to enjoy the very best local food – fried and grilled flying fish, fish cakes, sweet potato, macaroni pie, and coleslaw, and so much more.

Day 8: Departure


Time to pack up and say goodbye to the sun, sand, and island life – but we know you’ll be back for another perfect week in Barbados!



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