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Top 5 Caribbean Snorkelling Destinations

Category: Activities & Experiences | 12.10.2021

Dive into our top 5 Caribbean snorkelling destinations. We have hand-picked these destinations with passionate divers and snorkelers in mind. Of course, these locales also offer wonderful things above the water’s surface, from sunny weather, beautiful landscapes, and amazing luxury villas to the relaxed vibe of the Tropics.

1. Turks and Caicos

Be ready for an endless expanse of turquoise, a cavalcade of whales, dolphins to swim with, and the amazing 7000-foot underwater drop to dive along. Indeed, Turks and Caicos is an idyllic destination for divers and snorkelers, with plenty on offer for everyone else, too.

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2. Dominican Republic

Fun-in-the-sun and colourful underwater, “the DR’“ offers the perfect cocktail of white sand beaches, coral reefs to dream of, as well as the rhythmic swing of bachata and merengue on the dance floor.

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3. Grand Cayman

Welcome to the crystal-clear waters that afford exceptional visibility with little to no currents, a 7 miles of white sand beach, and the richness of aquatic life. In fact, the North Sound is home to a neighbourhood of stingrays that is so big, it’s called a city. In Grand Cayman, shore diving is so easy, from swimming to diving into one literal single step.

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4. Antigua

Antigua offers a turquoise palette of 365 beaches. Along the southern shores of the island, exceptional coral reefs will appeal to the most experienced divers. On the other hand, on the north side, you will find white sand and calmer waters, making it super-easy for snorkelers to navigate.

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5. Anguilla

Anguilla is Caribbean’s best kept secret. Offering pristine 5-star beaches, sublime food and rugged hiking trails, don’t overlook Anguilla’s true gem: its waters, home to an extensive coral reef system and protected marine areas. Indeed, Anguilla is a true snorkelers and divers paradise, with wreck dives and wall dives also on the agenda.

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