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Provence or Paris?

Category: Insiders Guide | 02.13.2019

Provence or Paris? When planning a trip to France, it can be difficult to decide exactly which France you want to see. Will it be a vacation dominated by rolling hills and vineyards or a metropolitan holiday marked by open boulevards and the scent of fresh coffee emanating from the local cafes? In a perfect world you would see both; the urban oasis and the charming countryside. How do you choose though, for your next visit to France?

Paris…Your HostedVillas accommodation in Paris will be a luxurious apartment with easy access to all the sights of the City of Light. The exciting hustle and bustle of Paris is easily reachable from your stylish digs. Museums, galleries, lively nightlife, trendy boutiques and iconic attractions abound in this cultural mecca. From food to fashion, Paris is a beacon of style and culture worldwide.

Provence…For those craving a little serenity, Provence offers a more relaxed vacation experience. Your HostedVillas Provencal retreat will provide the authentic flair of history and grandeur, and with all the modern touches you and your family will want. Take a bike trip to the local market, sample various wines at a nearby chateau, ponder the origins of the French language or soak up the lavender scented air while relaxing at your villa.

Truth be told, I’m hard pressed to decide which is my favourite region of France, so I’ll continue on with exploring the best of both worlds.

Either way, I suggest you let go of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with a HostedVillas vacation to France.

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