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Getting Around the Sites in European Cities (or why you should hire a guide)

Category: Activities & Experiences | 03.20.2019

It’s no secret that many European cities are seeing an increased number of travellers over the past few years and to get the most out of your museum and site visits while on vacation, we suggest pre-planning with one of our Experience Managers and hiring a qualified tour guide to ensure the best experience possible.

Not only can a guide purchase your entry tickets in advance and secure a choice time slot, but a reputable guide will tell you what’s important to see at the site you’re visiting, and equally as important, what to skip. Many of our guides have been loyal colleagues of HostedVillas for years – they’re the crème de la crème if you will. You’ll find it far more pleasant listening to a friendly and knowledgeable guide share their insights with you than following along with everyone else listening to their audio-guides.

Keep in mind too that the days seem to run later in Europe, so get out there early, or if you’re more of a night person, many museums have nighttime visiting hours. Whatever you do, try to avoid the mid to late afternoon hours when most sites are at their busiest.

Almost all museums offer free entry hours at some point during the week, however, we recommend you pass on this. The price may be right but in our opinion, you’ll get a far more worthwhile experience by avoiding the crowds looking to take advantage of the free admission and choosing a guide to accompany you on your tour.

If the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or a private Vatican Tour in Rome is on your list of must-see’s next time you’re travelling, let us arrange your expert guide in advance. You won’t be disappointed.

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