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Egypt Nile River Journey

Per Person From US$5,995The Legendary Nile Adventure

Journey up the mighty Nile, from the golden riches of Cairo to the hidden treasures of Luxor's Valley of the Kings and the famed islands of Aswan. From camel trekking and balloon rides to 4x4 expeditions and private yachts (not to mention boutique hotels), there is plenty of adventure for everyone.

Unique Experiences

Treasure hunting: Decode the secrets of the Sphinx and scour the Pyramids for hidden doorways to undiscovered tombs of ancient Pharaohs .

10 Days9 Nights
Best time to
Cairo, Luxor, The Nile, Aswan
Theme For This Tour
Active & Adventurous
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Egypt Nile River Journey

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Things To Do

Spice Markets & Bazaar

Give yourself time to explore Khan el-Khalili, Cairo’s big souk, to go beyond the tourist traps and find the real gems to be found throughout the market.

The monuments

From the Giza pyramids to the ancient temples of Luxor, Egypt will transport you to a time of ancient civilization.

Felucca Ride

Experience the Nile as the Pharaohs did, on a traditional felucca, a single-sail wooden boat, and a travel experience not to be missed.




Africa, the worlds second-largest continent, is home to an enormous amount of diversity in both population and landscapes. Rich in history and culture that dates far into the past, Africa is a beautiful land that begs to be explored. Our private tours in Africa will explore everything from ocean-scapes, desserts, rugged mountains and deep jungles, to the bustling cities. Africa is a land of adventure and opportunity, where rugged beauty and cities combine in the continent that many consider the “ cradle of humanity”. For those with a penchant for adventure, Africa awaits!

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Everywhere you look, from The Great Pyramid of Giza and King Tut's tomb to the spice markets of Aswan, we promise Egypt will steal your breath away.

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We're pleased to partner with XO, one of the world's leading private aviation companies, to offer our guests exclusive pricing for direct, private charter flight services anywhere, anytime.


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No matter where you plan to sail or what type of yacht you have in mind, whether it's a luxury mega-yacht on the Mediterranean or a stylish river-boat on the Mekong, we can help find a solution.


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