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Life is (almost) back to normal in Dubrovnik

Category: Featured Villa Experiences | 05.26.2021

We took the loosening restrictions on travel in Europe right now as an opportunity to visit one of our favorite summer destinations, Dubrovnik, and get a real sense of what traveling right now looks like.

Craig, one of our Directors, just returned last week and he’s excited to fill you all in. As someone who has frequently visited Europe in the summer, he had an idea of what to expect, but this time, the region wasn’t overflowing with tourists, which made his trip nothing like what he’d seen before.

“Getting to Croatia was pretty straightforward with basic covid documentation (negative test, proof of vaccination, or proof of having overcome Covid-19 in the past) being all you need to enter the country.

Once I got there, it was warm and sunny, and I was pleasantly surprised by how few tourists were walking the streets of Dubrovnik. I was able to wander the streets and dine in the most popular restaurants easily and comfortably. Reservations that were once very difficult to acquire are now readily available. I cannot emphasize enough just how big of a deal this is. Imagine winter crowds with summer weather; it is truly perfect.

The lack of crowds gets even better when you’re looking to cool off in the crystal-clear waters. There is so much space on the beaches and in the water – something I have never witnessed here before.

All restaurants were available for outdoor dining (most dining in Dubrovnik is outdoor, anyways). Restaurant staff were all wearing masks, and shop clerks were as well. But by and large, no one was wearing a mask outside. Simply put… life is pretty much back to normal in Dubrovnik.

When you’re ready to head home, we arrange a covid test for you in advance. The tests are done in your villa by a trusted healthcare team, and the results are typically returned within hours. They’ll email you a negative document, and that’s all you need to get on your flight home.

All in all, it was a great trip to not only explore the ancient city of Dubrovnik but also to see first-hand what traveling looks like in Europe right now. If you are looking for an incredible vacation, I can’t recommend Croatia enough – especially right now. And if you’re able to go, add a few of my favourite things to do there to your itinerary!”

Craig’s Must-Do’s In Dubrovnik

A Private Boat Tour: It’s all about the water when visiting the Dalmatian Coast, and having your own private vessel makes for a trip of a lifetime. They make for an incredible swim platform in some secluded anchorages on a hot day. We have various sizes suitable for groups up to 12. For larger groups, it’s a ton of fun to charter multiple vessels and travel in tandem. The service onboard is second-to-none, filled with snacks, towels, lunch, drinks, everything you need. You’ll explore islands and quiet beaches that you cannot access any other way.

Sea Kayaking: This is another fun way to get off the beaten path and suitable for nearly any fitness level.

Visit an Oyster Farm: Okay, this one is an absolute must. Hire a driver to take you out to Ston to visit some truly world-class fresh oyster farms and learn about the process from a passionate local who will shuck some of the fresh mollusk for you right then and there while sipping on wine and myrtle brandy that the 82 year old grandfather makes.

You’ll have plenty of time to stop in small villages on the way home, including a stop in the home of a local celebrity chef for a lovingly prepared lunch in her garden. It’s totally unique and memorable and, truthfully, the best oysters I’ve ever laid my hands on.

Hole-In-The-Wall Bars: Visit a few of the more “out of the way” bars hanging to the walls of this ancient city. You’ll be quite literally hanging over the Adriatic below. Make sure to pack a swimsuit as you’ll enjoy some of the best swimming, just steps from your table!

Join the local coffee culture: I can’t stress enough how much the locals LOVE their coffee. They tend to populate the many outdoor cafes from sun up till well past sunset. It’s a perfect place to do some wholesome people-watching.

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