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A Perfect Week in Paris

Category: Savoir Vivre | 02.4.2023
"...wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast" -  Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway, Benjamin Franklin, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Jefferson and many others – they understood the utter magic of living the ‘City of Lights’ like a local. That’s why you come to Paris with Hosted Villas – because we share with you the things that others take years to discover (if ever). We will introduce you to a city that only true locals know: The Saturday market where only residents of the 7th arrondissement shop; the strictly-locals bistro near the Notre Dame that tourists can neither find, nor get a reservation for; to-die-for insider shopping tips and a myriad of other insights that will help you live Paris like a Parisian. Throngs of travelers will visit this great world capital every year – and for good reason. We, however, invite you to join the select few who’ve truly lived it. We invite you to live a perfect week in Paris.


1. A day trip in Champagne region for a tour and Champagne tasting

2. Exploring the Butte Montmartre

3. Cocktails at Le Meurice

4. A sip at Wine Bar: “Frenchie Bar à Vins”

5. Chocolate crawl at St Germain des Près

6. Get a private pastry lesson at The Ritz

Day 1: Welcome to Your Parisian Residence

You will be greeted at the residence and welcomed to your “home in France”.  Step in, take a deep breath, and embrace the views of the iconic Parisian rooftops. Bienvenue à Paris!

Day 2: Sightseeings and Custom Tour

Go off the beaten path and discover unusual venues, along the way your guide will highlight many books and engravings to give you context of the sites and history of the city. Discover a typical Parisian market, then the Opera Garnier, Concorde place, Champs Elysées, Place du Trocadéro, Eiffel Tower (outside) where you’ll stop, pop a bottle of champagne and really soak up the moment. Next head to the iconic Louvre Museum (inside highlights), Conciergerie, Notre Dame Cathedral, Ile de la Cité and many others based on your individual interests. This tour is completely customizable and specific sites can be added per your request during the pre-planning of your stay.

Dinner at Bistrot L’Epi d’Or

Tonight, have dinner at Bistrot L’Epi d’Or; a Parisian institution of the 1920s behind which you will now find Michelin-starred chef Jean-Francois Piège. This establishment, in the pure tradition of popular and family bistro cuisine, offers simple, tasty and instant dishes. The menu, voluntarily short, follows the rhythm of the seasons and offers a new menu every week with starters, main courses and desserts of the day; as well as unconditional such as pâté en croute, steak tartare or rice pudding.

You might also want to try chef Jean-Francois Piège’s other restaurants from masterfully grilled or smoked beef at his modern steakhouse; Clover Grill to “La Poule au Pot” offering a menu inscribed in the French culinary heritage through the generosity of bourgeois cuisine.


Day 3: A Day by the Water: the Seine and the Canal Saint Martin

Today, take the time to stroll by the Seine and spend time by or on the water: an excellent way to discover Paris. Here are a few nice options to choose from:


There’s nothing quite like seeing Paris from a boat on the Seine—and there’s no lack of boats to choose from. See Paris’s graceful bridges up close along with the city’s most famous landmarks on a relaxing 2 to 4 hour boat ride. The bateaux mouches offer everything from a gourmet meal, a flute of champagne or just sightseeing with commentary.


Just behind the Notre-Dame gardens, the Pont Saint-Louis pedestrian bridge leads to the atmospheric streets and lively shopping of the Ile Saint-Louis. A perfect walk for flaneurs just taking in the majestic facades and quiet courtyards of beautiful 17th-century mansions, this peaceful island is truly an oasis. Enjoy traditional Parisian fare at the Brasserie de l’Isle Saint-Louis or sample one of the 90 scrumptious flavors of handmade, all-natural ice creams and sorbets—in flavors like wild strawberry, noisette, rum raisin, and white chocolate—at Bertillon, Paris’s most famous ice-cream maker.


Lunch at “Le Train Bleu”: the hidden architectural gem of the Gare de Lyon

Le Train Bleu is the iconic restaurant at Gare de Lyon in Paris; a majestic place where the show is both part of the kitchen as it is of the dining room. Today, chef Michel Rostang signs the menu and reinterprets the station buffet with pretty dishes in sauce, stews, but also flambéing and carving in the dining room, under the eyes of customers. You can thus taste a terrine of duck foie gras, a pâté en croute, beautiful grilled scallops or even a leg of lamb and its gratin dauphinois. For desserts, Michel Rostang offers you a baba bouchon with arranged rum and vanilla whipped cream, a Guanaja dark chocolate soufflé or the famous crêpes Suzette flambéed with Grand Marnier.


Spending an afternoon in Canal St Martin is a magical experience and an opportunity to spend some time in the “real” Paris. Bobo (short for bourgeois bohemian) hipsters have laid claim to the area around the Canal St. Martin, a once-derelict part of the 10th arrondissement that now buzzes with cafés and hip boutiques, particularly along the Rue Beaurepaire. The nearby parks are perfect for a relaxing stroll or a picnic, and the nearby museums and galleries provide plenty of opportunities for a cultural experience. Once the sun sets, the neighborhood transforms into a lively nightlife scene, with both locals and visitors alike taking advantage of the many bars and clubs. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or a night out with friends, Canal St Martin is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon. If you want to take in the ambiance, make a stop at Paname Brewing Company and have a drink on the terrace; it overlooks the water and ranks high for ambiance.

Day 4: A Dedicated Museum Day?

With so much to see and do around Paris, it’s hard to narrow it down to the essentials, and while you might be tempted to visit as many museums as you can, we suggest to focus on just a few during each trip. And of course, you can always come back?


Housed under the soaring roof of one of Paris’s grand old Beaux Art railway stations, the recently renovated galleries of the Musée d’Orsay contain the world’s largest collection of Impressionist masterpieces by the likes of Cezanne, Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Degas, Gaugin, and many others. But don’t forget to look past the artwork for a moment to admire the arched ceiling, a reminder of the building’s past as a train station.

Take an afternoon stroll in the Luxembourg Gardens

Nothing says Paris like the Luxembourg Gardens. Bordered by Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter, these lovely gardens are beloved by Parisians longing to bask on a lawn chair in the sunshine or enjoy an impromptu picnic.

Visit the Louvre Museum at Night

The Louvre is famously crowded—it is the most-visited museum in the world, after all. But even if you aren’t willing to fight a hundred camera-wielding tourists to see the Mona Lisa, at least stroll past the museum by day to see the famous glass pyramid. And by night, if you plan your visit on Fridays, you might be lucky to experience an evening tour of the Louvre. While you may not have the museum all to yourself, it will be much quieter than during regular visit hours. The feeling of standing at the very heart of French culture at an unusual time of day will also greatly contribute to the positive experience.

Day 5: Day at the Villa

In your “busy” vacation week, between tasting the new trendy bistrots and trying to fit in all the museums and sightings, we suggest that you have at least one day where you can enjoy your Parisian apartment. Enjoy a good book,  have a coffee on the terrace, perhaps venture to the nearest local café downstairs and savour the charms of the city of lights. If pampering appeals to you, let us arrange for an in-house masseuse and aesthetician to come to you for a special day of indulgence.


Day 6: Day Trip from Paris: Château Versailles or Château Vaux-le-Vicomte

We know there is so much to see and do in Paris already, but if you are up to do a superb day trip out of Paris, why not take the opportunity to visit the famous château Versailles? For an off the beaten path experience, head to château Vaux-le-Vicomte instead. The latter was actually the inspiration for building the château Versailles. For the little story; Nicolas Fouquet, the ill-fated finance minister to the Sun King, recruited the leading artists of the day to build his pad in the countryside: architect Louis Le Vau, painter Charles Le Brun, and landscape architect André Le Nôtre. The house-warming party awed the guests, including the king, who shortly thereafter threw Fouquet in prison for embezzlement and then hired the same trio to design his own château at Versailles.



Dance Ballet Night at Palais Garnier

Attending the ballet at the magnificent Opera Garnier is truly a luxury experience. From the moment you step inside this iconic building, you are welcomed by the stunning architecture and grandeur of the space. The opulent chandeliers, velvet curtains and plush seating take you back to a golden age of elegance and sophistication.

When the performance begins, the music and dancing transport you to a world of fantasy and beauty. The grace and power of the dancers is inspiring and captivating. From the intricate costumes to the skillful acrobatics, every movement is a work of art. You will leave feeling enriched and inspired.

Day 7: Day of Many Options

On your last day in Paris we suggest you do more of what you liked the most. More relaxing at the villa? More visits to the museums?  Perhaps fit in some designer shopping on Rue St Honoré or strolling the Rue des Martyrs; Paris’s old market streets full of fromageries, boulangeries and boucheries.  Did you actually leave enough time to explore your own neighbourhood? The “quartier” where you are staying will probably be full of little gems and we can help you fin them. After all, this is what staying like a local is all about.



Final Dinner at a Michelin Star Restaurant

For your final dinner, book a table at a Michelin Star Restaurant. This will definitely require some advanced planning in order to get a reservation, but the reward will be oh-so worth it. For tonight, we suggest dining at “Epicure“. There’s no mistaking it, this is a triple-Michelin-starred restaurant with the white tablecloths, immaculate service, chic decor, and culinary muscle to prove it. The 4-star chef, Eric Frechon has resolutely made Epicure the bastion of French gastronomy. Some come to Paris just to taste his cuisine: his stuffed macaroni, black truffle, artichoke and duck foie gras reflect all the genius and passion of one of the greatest. This is the “bouquet final” of your trip.

Day 8: Departure

Time to pack up and say “Au Revoir” to your Parisian Residence. We can arrange for a private driver to pick you up and transfer you back to the Airport for your departure flight back home. A Bientôt Paris!

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