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A Perfect Week in Anguilla

Category: Destination Guides | 11.11.2022

Would you like to have a festive dinner cooked and served to your group at the villa? Anguilla more than lives up to its reputation as a haven for foodies. The island is home to more than 70 restaurants that cook inspiring meals in an array of culinary styles. How about exploring the island’s superb beaches and diving or snorkeling to discover the magic underwater world. The island is renowned for its unspoiled, tranquil, white-sand. Or perhaps would you be tempted to mix with the locals for some lively beachside music? All these treats and more are waiting for you – welcome to your perfect week in Anguilla!

Anguilla is a British and EU Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. It is one of the smaller islands in the north of the Lesser Antilles. The island is located east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and north of Saint Martin. To visit Anguilla is to explore a virgin and natural space that mass tourism does not know.

The Anguilla archipelago consists of the main island of Anguilla. It is about 26 km long and 5 km wide at its widest part. It has a number of smaller islands and islets with no permanent population.


With lush white sand and gorgeous turquoise water, the 33 beaches in Anguilla seem like they could only exist in a fantasy world. They range from Shoal Bay East, or ‘the point,’ usually regarded as the top beach on the island. It curves out in the middle of this two-mile stretch, further enhancing the picturesqueness of ‘the point.’ Furthermore, the reefs are astounding in their beauty. To secluded Captain’s Bay, which is accessed along a dirt track, and Little Bay, which is accessed only by boat. All of Anguilla’s beaches are public, available for everyone to enjoy at their leisure.


1. Watch one of the many sailboat races: Anguilla’s national sport

2. Explore some of the 33 Beaches: Shoal Bay, Little Bay, Captain Bay

3. Moonsplash Music Festival and Tranquility Jazz Festival

4. Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve Live Music Bar

5. Heritage Trail

Day 1: Welcome to your villa

You will be greeted at the villa and welcomed to your “home away from home”.  Step in, take a deep breath, and embrace the views. Take a few steps down your direct beach access and go for your first swim in the Caribbean. Your holidays can officially start!

Day 2: Let’s head to the beach(es)!

There are over 33 beautiful beaches on the island, some of which are more popular than others, but whichever beach you choose as your favorite, they all offer simple tranquil pleasures and a rejuvenation of the soul. So for today, let’s start with “Little Bay”.

This not-so-secret anymore location is in the middle of the northern coast, just northeast of Crocus Bay. It is a tiny beach, known for being perfectly secluded, with beautiful views and fantastic snorkeling. There are only two ways of getting to Little Bay – by boat, or by rope! The more common route, and less adventurous one, is by boat. Calvin will take you over and will bring you back when you are ready. Just head to Crocus Bay and look for Calvin who will be either sitting under a tree or at a nearby restaurant. Don’t forget your snorkeling gear, and if you plan on spending a half or full day, be sure to bring a cooler of snacks – there are no restroom or food facilities at Little Bay.

Spa and Dinner at Da’Vida

When you head back to Crocus Bay from your day at the beach, make sure to stop at Da’Vida Restaurant and Spa, located right on the bay. Indulge in a spa treatment with products inspired by nature and finish the day with a magical experience as the warm winds of the Caribbean gently caress your soul while you indulge in a culinary explosion of taste & flavor that is like no other in Anguilla…

Day 3: A little bit of history – embark on the Heritage Trail

Taking a day to see the sights in Anguilla will prove just as engaging and enjoyable as a day soaking in rays at the beach or devouring rich gourmet fare. The Olde Valley District in Anguilla’s capital is filled with eye-catching colonial architecture. While the Heritage Collection museum provides a detailed account of the island’s history. For a full historical immersion, why not embark on the Heritage Trail. An exciting addition to Anguilla’s attractions, Anguilla’s Heritage Trail gives locals and visitors alike an insight into the island’s colourful history. The designated trail leads you around 10 historic sites of special interest, as selected by public vote, marked by a series of informative plaques. A great opportunity to learn a bit more about what makes Anguilla so unique.


Day 4: Water Adventures – on and in the water

Whether it be snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing, fishing or boating – water activities abound on the island. If you are into fishing mode, half and full day trips are available from a number of fishing charter companies, some of which allow visitors to keep their catch. Fishing is generally done by trawling with live bait, and the catch can include wahoo, dorado, kingfish, salt fish, marlin, barracuda and grouper.

If you are into trying watersports, Anguilla is the place to be with its 33 beaches most of which offer a calm, safe environment in which to swim. For active pursuits, head to Shoal Bay East, which offers a variety of water sports facilities, including wind surfing, sailboats, and kayaks. While Savannah Bay has the best conditions for kite surfing and body surfing.

Diving and Snorkelling

Anguilla has six marine parks and nine dive wrecks, plus a huge array of coral formations, walls, ridges, canyons, and tunnels for both novice and experienced divers. In addition, the creation of Stoney Bay Marine Park has ensured that artifacts dating back to the 18th century will continue to be preserved for future enjoyment. The wreck of the Spanish Galleon, El Buen Consejo, with cannon, anchors and bronze medals embedded in the coral at Stoney Bay, is the island’s most impressive underwater treasure.

On a side note: motorized watercraft such as PWCs are not permitted in Anguilla’s waters. So while not an option for activities, this also means the beachfronts are blissfully free of unpleasant noise and wake water.

Day 5: Day at the Villa

In your “busy” vacation week, between trying new watersports, exploring as many of the 33 beaches as you can and trying the many culinary styles, we suggest that you have at least one day where you can enjoy your villa, the pool and the private beach. If pampering appeals to you, let us arrange for an in-house masseuse and aesthetician to come to the villa for a special day of indulgence.


Day 6: Explore the land

Aside from the stunning beaches and many water activities, there is more to do on land in Anguilla, such as a round of golf, horseback riding or cycling among many other activities.

For the nature lovers there are also wildlife based activities such as bird watching. The salt ponds around Anguilla provide an inviting habitat for more than 136 species of birds from great blue herons to sandpipers and snowy egrets. The second largest pond on the island, Cauls Paul, is important for migratory shore birds.

Dinner at Straw Hat Restaurant

A trip to Anguilla wouldn’t be complete without enjoying a meal at Straw Hat, located at the Frangipani Beach Resort on beautiful Meads Bay, an institution that has been enchanting visitors to the island since 1996!  Straw Hat is an open-air restaurant with a set of beach huts and tables with spectacular views and sounds that will leave you relaxed and ready to enjoy all that Anguilla has to offer. They serve island-inspired dishes with local ingredients. Order some of their specialties such as Spicy Mahi-Mahi Fish Sandwich, Reuben Land of Sea, Ceviche and Crispi Plaintain Chips, Straw Hat Burger, Big Eye Tuna Flatbread, a variety of salads, desserts and much more.



Day 7: Day of Many Options

On your last day in Anguilla we suggest you do more of what you liked the most. More relaxing at the villa? More beach time?  Perhaps another shot of adrenaline by going kite surfing? How about taking a boat ride for the day, an ideal way of visiting some of the offshore cays surrounding Anguilla, such as Scrub and Dog island. Some villas come with a boat or you might also take the opportunity to go on a sailing excursion. After all, boat racing in Anguilla is the national sport and chances are each person you meet in Anguilla is passionate about Anguilla sailing.

Day 8: Departure

Time to pack and say “Goodbye” to the villa, Anguilla  and the islands as we know you will be back!

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