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The Art of Slow Travel: Top European Destinations for Extended Stays in 2024

Category: Destination Guides | 01.15.2024

In a fast-paced world, the art of slow travel is gaining momentum, inviting travellers to immerse themselves fully in the beauty of their chosen destinations. Why rush through multiple cities when you can savour the culture, history and landscapes of a single place? It’s time to embrace the charm of extended stays in handpicked destinations like Tuscany, England, Provence France, and Croatia, where every moment feels like home. 

At HV, we’ve made it our mission to curate extended-stay accommodations that redefine luxury and provide an unparalleled cultural immersion. Picture yourself in a historic Italian villa, surrounded by rolling vineyards and olive groves. Or perhaps, you’re in a charming English home, nestled in the heart of the countryside. Whether you choose the sun-kissed fields of Provence or the picturesque landscapes of Croatia, HV ensures that your extended stay is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Historic Italian Villa

A traveller’s dream. Tuscany has always been a favourite of those who seek a rich and varied itinerary. Ancient hillside towns complete with narrow winding streets open up to medieval piazzas with shops and cafes that tempt you with world-famous wines, cheeses and classic Tuscan fare. Considered the birthplace of The Renaissance, art and culture abound around every corner. Visit countless cathedrals and walk in the steps of Da Vinci and Michelangelo or simply relax on the beach along the superb coastline. Whatever your wish, a luxury villa in Tuscany will never disappoint.

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Charming English Home

From the buzzing metropolis of London to intimate countryside villages, England has plenty of luxury to offer to traveling pleasure seekers. Known as the country of picturesque historical towns, and both great conquerors and artists, England will cast a spell on you. Traverse the streets of London in search of restaurants serving global and traditional cuisine, head to Cornwall for tales of myth and magic, or simply find a second home in traditional villages. No matter what you do, you will have the time of your life in England.

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Picturesque Landscape of Croatia,

Nestled between the mountains and the Adriatic, the sun and sea are the star attractions of the Dalmatian Coast. Between the northern and southern ends of Croatia’s soaring cliffs are broken by stunning beaches and small fishing hamlets. Dozens of islands and peninsulas cater to every desire from delicious Dalmatia cuisine and drink to secluded islets and coves. The two largest cities of Croatia, Dubrovnik and Split draw travelers in with a combination of historical sites and a vibrant nightlife. Stay in one of our many luxury villa rentals in Croatia and lay in the sun, dine on the waterfront or explore the islands, the choice is yours in this Croatian paradise.

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Sun-Kissed Fields of Provence

It is easy to see why Provence is one of the most visited regions in France and why we offer an array of luxury villa rentals here. The rugged and mountainous north is an adventurer’s dream, but it is the beautiful rolling meadows blanketed in lavender and sunflowers that capture visitor’s hearts. Historic towns seem to rise out of the soft meadows beckoning the visitor to explore. The coastline is punctuated with idyllic coves and beaches featuring golden sand and the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. Guests of our luxury villas are invited to sample unique regional cuisine and wine followed by a traditional glass of Pastis, while enjoying the same views as such great artists as Monet and Van Gogh.

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Why Slow Travel Should Be on Your 2024 Agenda: 

  1. Live Like a Local: Slow travel allows you to truly live like a local. You’ll have the time to explore neighbourhood markets, savour authentic cuisine and engage with the community. Immerse yourself in the rhythms of daily life and you’ll discover hidden gems that most tourists never see or experience.
  2. Work Remotely in Paradise: With the rise of remote work, why not make your extended stay even more enticing? Many of our handpicked accommodations offer ideal settings for remote work, allowing you to balance your professional life with the adventure of travel. Imagine working from a sunlit terrace overlooking the vineyards of Tuscany or from a cozy English study with a crackling fireplace.
  3. Discover Authentic Experiences: Slow travel opens doors to unique experiences. Whether it’s a wine-tasting tour in the heart of France or learning the art of olive oil production in Italy, you’ll have the time to delve deep into local traditions and passions. These moments are the ones that create lasting memories.
  4. Embrace the Beauty of the Journey: When you’re not rushing from one destination to the next, you can truly appreciate the journey. Slow down, take leisurely drives through scenic landscapes, and stop at charming villages along the way. Every detour becomes an adventure and every pause is a chance to marvel at the world around you.
  5. Reconnect with Yourself: Amid our hectic lives, slow travel offers a chance to reconnect with yourself. Whether you’re lounging by a private pool in Croatia or strolling through lavender fields in Provence, these moments of tranquillity provide a profound sense of well-being.

Perfect Extended-Stay

Let HV find the perfect extended-stay accommodation that feels like a true home away from home. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a blend of both, slow travel promises to make every moment count. 

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