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Not Your Average Picnic – The Burke Stay at Casa Passerini

Category: Activities & Experiences | 03.29.2021

As a Villa Specialist, there is nothing I love more than hearing about a guest who has had a “we-will-never-forget-this” moment. A travel tale that, upon returning home, they tell everyone who will listen. Simply put, a truly unforgettable experience. 

We’re looking back on a few of our guest’s most memorable trips – to share what a Hosted Villa experience really looks like and to get us excited for putting our planning hats on for our guest’s European getaways next summer – let the dreaming begin!

Having just returned from a trip to Tuscany, Esther Burke knows first-hand the experiences the Hosted Villas team is capable of orchestrating. Esther travelled to Casa Passerini and was hosted by Local Host, LizFrom sipping Brunello in Montalcino to participating in an in-villa cooking lessoto create spinach gnocchi that will never be forgotten, Esther and her guests accomplished a lot during their week in Tuscany. 

Keen cyclists, the guided bike tour we had arranged for Monday in the pre-trip itinerary was something the group was really looking forward to. Local Host, Liz, had organized a mid-tour lunch for the group that was most certainly not your average dining experience. 

When we arrived to the villa and saw the bikes waiting, it looked just like it was Christmas! Everything we needed was laid out – helmets, water bottles, repair kits, pedals – Liz did a great job arranging everything. We rode about 60 kms that day past lake Trasimeno, through a handful of local towns (with stops for drinks) but by far the best part was our picnic lunch. 

This lunch was AMAZING. We rode the bikes to this big farmhouse, where our new Italian family was waiting for us, having set up a picnic out on the lawn in the shade. The setting was truly beautiful with the surrounding orchards and vineyards.  We all sat at this big table – the family on one end, guides in the middle and our group at the other. The food just kept coming, coming, coming. Everything was just fantastic. Pasta, rabbit, duck and lots of wine throughout! After the lunch we were given a tour of the farm and orchard – along with all the details about what they do and grow. More knowledgeable and well-fed, we mounted our bikes, said Ciao! to our new Italian friends and set-off for the ride back to the villa. 

Having toured through Tuscany with Liz last fall, I know first-hand that the experiences she puts together for our guests are ‘amazing’ (I was lucky enough to visit the local Frantoio to taste the newly-pressed olive raccolta).

Contact us today to start planning your “Perfect Week” in Europe. This literal farm-to-table lunch is just one example of the endless possibilities available with Hosted Villas stay. 


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