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Falling Into Island Life on Brac: an Overview of Charming Island Towns

Category: Destination Guides | 08.18.2022

The island of Brac in Croatia possesses a unique blend of rugged isolation and small island charm. It is sparsely populated, with numerous secrets to be discovered. The coastline offers endless miles of headlands and beaches, rugged and rocky or soft and sandy, and the interior is a rambler’s paradise of quiet country lanes linking up authentic villages were time stands still. Keep on reading to get an overview of these charming island towns. 


1. Hike to the summit of the island of Brac

2. Enjoy the beaches

3. Visit the monastery of Blaca town

4. Visit the Museums of the village of Skrip, in the heart of the island

5. Do a tour of the world-famous stonemason school

6. Sail around the island for the day

7. Explore the Southern Coast of the Island



A typical small harbour town that provides shopping essentials and a choice of dining options including some waterfront cafés. There is a tourist office and you can hire a taxi and rent bikes or a boat.



It is one of the most attractive communities on the island, with a mix of traditional buildings clustered around its delightful harbour.


With its deep bay is a favourite stopping point for yachts of all shapes and sizes, which fill the marina and the town quay and provide plenty of business for the waterfront cafés and restaurants.



This is another harbour town, known for its fine stone buildings set in terraces on the steep hillside above. In fact on the harbour front there is a unique school for training stonemasons, and some of the work on the Villa was done by these skilled craftsmen. You can visit the school to watch them at work, and buy souvenirs and local specialties.


On the southern side of the island you will find Bol which has some 15th C and 17th C buildings along with the usual assortment of local shops and cafés, but is best known for its long beach, a shingle spit stretching 600m into the sea. There is a great choice of water sports: skiing, pedalling, surfing, diving, paragliding etc.



Close to Bol, has an interesting 19th C monastery with original furniture and an old library, which you can visit if you are prepared for a fairly steep 45-minute walk.


It is the ferry port and most likely where you will arrive by boat from Split. This is a larger town with a lively atmosphere and picturesque streets, where you will find a selection of local shops and services as well as a range of dining options.



Povlja is a traditional village with a lovely harbour and an ancient 6th C monastery, as well as some good local restaurants. Also you can do a diving course there.

Luka Bay

Close to Povlja is the famous Luka bay with a beautiful stone beach, and a very good restaurant that serves food from their garden, local lamb and very fresh fish.



This is the oldest town on the island, it has a museum and some interesting archeological sites.

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