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I have always taken pleasure in revealing the secret beauties of Dalmatia and meeting new people.

I have explored and enjoyed the natural and cultural delights of Dalmatia my whole life, and still feel there is so much more to discover. Every little town has its own holiday, recipe and special grape variety. Every single beach or island demonstrates another form of original Dalmatian beauty. The Primosten area is a special example of the mixture between the cultural and natural gifts of Dalmatia.

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Relaxation is a way of life here, and the best way to understand this is to experience it for yourself.
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My perfect day in Dalmatia would be...

Your perfect day starts with a breakfast by the sea, sitting and breathing in the fresh sea air just in front of the villa. A day is not perfect without a boat ride - the captain of a yacht would pick you up at the villa and take you for an island hopping adventure. Spending a few hours exploring caves and snorkeling around the island of Vis makes you perfectly hungry for lunch and the Budikovac island. There is a retired captain living there, with his own vineyard and freshly caught fish and lobster each day - no menu, just whatever is fresh that day - you just sit and enjoy the best food from the Adriatic. After a day of island hopping, as you return to the villa a private chef would await for you. After pairing a bottle of an exquisite Croatian sparkling wine with the most amazing sunset view, you would enjoy an intimate dinner at the terrace to end your perfect day.

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