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Everyone should visit Tuscany

My name is Elizabeth and I am one of the Local Hosts for Tuscany. I love my job and personalizing tailored services for my guests. My aim is always to make an unforgettable holiday for them, without problems or worries so they just lay back, relax and have a great time. Showing them the back roads with the eye of a host who has lived in Tuscany for so many years, is what I love to do.

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My favourite aspect of being a Local Host is showing things about my country to guests that they normally would not see if they came on their own.
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My perfect day in Tuscany would be...

You would start with breakfast at the villa and from there have the driver pick you up, winding through the scenic roads, through the cypress forests and rolling hills to visit a historical town, its museums and archeological sites. In the afternoon, you would stop off at an organic farm and enjoy a nice lunch made with their local produce, followed by a quick visit to a famous Brunello winery where they play Mozart to the vines. Enjoy a wine tasting and grab a couple of bottles for the week!

You would return to the villa for a massage by the pool and a relaxing swim and after sitting and watching the sunset, your driver would pick you up again and take you to a nearby restaurant. Or your personal chef would prepare a traditional Italian meal to enjoy in the comfort of the villa. Watch and learn as they show you how to make authentic Italian pasta, or dine el fresco and take in the sounds of nature and the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

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Tuscany, Italy

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