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After graduating from the University of Toronto my heart and soul was set on wanting to be a Route Planner for an airline. Opportunity changed that direction for me and instead of new airline routes, I was given the chance to develop innovative land programs and new destinations while working for several major Canadian and global tour operators. Throughout my career came the incredible benefit of relationships. Relationships that began as business contacts, later grew into personal friendships. I have had the pleasure to develop different product while investing and nurturing relationships across the Caribbean, in Costa Rica and Mexico, in Europe and the Middle East. And I'm not done yet! HostedVillas is in a growth mode, bringing hand selected Luxury Villas and Apartments and unique Hotels and Resorts to our discerning clients across North America.

I look forward to investing in more relationships as HV grows worldwide!

The Travel Industry is also about people.....and relationships with those people are what makes it such a wonderful life
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