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Jessica K

Having traveled and lived in various destinations around the world, including Poland, Turkey, S.East Asia and Australia, I realized the joy of discovering new places. I eventually moved back to my home town of Vancouver, BC to start study Tourism and Hospitality. From there more travel to new corners of the world was achieved before finishing my BB in Tourism at LaTrobe University in Melbourne Australia. With tired legs, my partner, Joshua, and I settled into life in bustling Toronto, where I joined the HostedVillas Team. As an Experience Manager, I love talking all things travel with my guests, as well as colleagues, property owners and Local Hosts. Sharing my own stories of places and people helps me to understand what our guests are envisioning for their trip, and it's such a pleasure helping them realize that perfect villa vacation. I think it's my genuine passion for finding authentic experiences, and exploring new regions that keeps me motivated and is a meaningful piece of what sets HostedVillas apart.

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