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Wine Consultant

Brian is our resident HV Wine Consultant. With a career in wine spanning over 20 years, Brian is currently Wine Consultant, Beverage Manager and Sommelier at The National Club, an exclusive, members-only club located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. Overseeing a cellar of more than 45,000 bottles, including Tuscany’s coveted Zac. Brian has three key criteria he looks for when buying wine: Those that will lay down well in the cellar; those that reflect historical and modern wine making traditions; and lastly, that they be somewhat exclusive. Brian is on-hand to field your questions regarding wine pairings, interesting, unique and unusual vineyards and all things wine. In addition, Brian is a regular contributor to the HV Magazine with informed, inspiring and unique insights. You can email us at and Brian will be happy to share his expertise.

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