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Meet the team: Q&A with Jessica

Category: HV Exposed | 08.27.2020

HostedVillas is a small but mighty, tight-knit company located in Toronto. Through the next few weeks, we’ll be interviewing the members of our HV team for you to get to know us a bit better. We’ll show you why we’re not just a listing agency, but we have the been-there-done-that experience to offer and the connections across the globe to make our client’s vacation dreams come true. 

Our Experience Managers are the shining stars of HV. They work with each of our suppliers, Local Hosts, and in-destination concierges daily.  They’re the ones that know if there are church bells close by to one of the chateaus you’re interested in will wake you up at 7 a.m. every morning, or if the sand in front of your villa is silky smooth or rocky.  They’ll let you in on the little details that make big differences when traveling. 

We did a quick Q&A with one of our Experience Managers, Jessica Kloke. She’s been working with HV for over five years, designing incredible experiences for her clients in Italy, France, Croatia, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

Jessica, tell us one of your favorite travel memories? 

“My husband and I went on a safari in Tanzania for our honeymoon. We visited a small children’s center across from our lodge. We took some clothes and goods and met the kids at the center. We even played a game of soccer with them and snapped some pictures of us goofing around.

Connecting with the local community is always a top travel experience, and this time was extra special, creating a memory for us that will last forever.

Can you share a favorite experience you created for your clients?

“Fourth of July in Italy – family reunion in one of our Tuscan Villas celebrated over the July 4th American holiday. We arranged to have red, white & blue decorations and balloons at the villa with a hot dog lunch surprise for the group when they returned from a planned tour. It was a pleasant surprise for our loyal clients, and the kids had a blast playing lawn games and sparklers.”

We created a special memory they still bring up when we connect with them today.

What is your favorite food you have had abroad? 

“My favorite foods are almost always off the street: a food truck in Chicago, pad thai from the lady on the corner, a sample of cheese from the market, or fresh pineapple juice from the beach.”

What are the three essential items in your carry-on? 

  1. Burt’s Bees lip balm for dry overnight flights 
  2. Headphones 
  3. Big scarf, to double as a blanket or pillow

What is your favorite thing about villa vacations? 

“Waking up to your private garden or balcony. I love making a fresh pot of coffee, sitting by a quiet pool, enjoying the sun hitting the flowers, and listening to the birds.”

Something about not having to go out to get coffee or breakfast is a simple yet most pleasurable thing about renting a private home.

Thanks, Jessica! Having traveled and lived in various destinations around the world, including Poland, Turkey, S.East Asia, and Australia, Jessica is your-go-to-person for any of your travel questions. You can reach out to her by clicking here. 

Stay tuned for more HV team profiles. 

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