Villa Owners

Since 1990, Hosted Villas has offered extraordinary European travel experiences to our North American clients. Two elements have contributed to our success: our team of knowledgeable and supportive Local Hosts and the quality of the fine private properties we are honored to be able to offer.

For our owners as well as for our travelers, Hosted Villas is unlike any other villa company. How?

  • We visit each potential property and region. Our clients count on us to know the details.
  • We do not simply list properties anonymously.
  • We are not a mass marketing Internet listing agency.
  • We strive for quality not quantity.
  • We treat clients as if they were our Guests.
  • Excellent accommodations are only part of the travel experience we offer our clients.

In fact we call our collaborators Owner-Partners: we only succeed if they are satisfied.

What advantages does Hosted Villas offer our Owner-Partners?

  • A twenty-two year track record as a pioneer and leader in the luxury villa rental market. We are not the biggest player, and our Owner-Partners like it that way.
  • Prompt, reliable, advance payment. In a world of fly-by-night operators, one must be careful. We pay competitive rates, promptly.
  • Respect for your staff. Your staff's contentment is a top priority and yet, due to their position on the front lines of service, they can often feel isolated.  Our Local Hosts are a bridge between your staff and our clients, anticipating and correcting problems should they arise. Our Local Hosts visit throughout each stay, allowing us to monitor behavior and giving you an additional level of protection against inappropriate use of your staff.
  • Respect for your personal use of the property. We work around your personal time.
  • Discretion and privacy. Most of our owners do not want their private properties splashed all over the Internet. We seek only the most desirable guests; people who are sophisticated, discreet and respectful of fine property.  Our clients expect high quality, attention to detail and professional service. In this regard, our Guests are similar to our Owners.
  • A thoughtful sales process that carefully matches clients with the appropriate property. Our Villa Specialists visit each property in person, so they can match the right travelers to the right place. We’d rather refuse a booking than have a mismatch.  A good match means favorable ‘word of mouth,' which means future bookings.
  • A personal relationship. We work with a small group of Owners, paying close attention to individual needs and preferences. We are interested in relationships, not transactions. 
  • Backup property management. It is in all of our interests that a property run smoothly and be well maintained. In the event of emergency, our ground team can help resolve issues.
  • Reliable off-season bookings. We don’t just generate peak period bookings: almost half our bookings are non-peak; 20% in the low season

What do we look for in a property we might add to our limited portfolio?

  • Access to sought-after (but not overly touristy) regions and activities.
  • Personalized décor of a very high standard.
  • Reliable staff.
  • A private, quiet location.
  • A shared commitment to Hosted Villas' values: quality before quantity, and Guest satisfaction first.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Hosted Villas Owner-Partner, please contact