Loire Valley, France


The Former Playground of Kings and Queens

The Loire Valley follows the path of France’s longest and most regal river, which meanders lazily past sumptuous countryside, medieval villages, fields of sunflowers and vineyards brimming with clusters of ripening grapes. The region, often called the “Garden of France,” is famous for its fine dining, delectable wines and cornucopia of game and produce. The fairy-tale châteaux, harmoniously set along the river, are the most magical and fabled sights of France, evoking the brilliance and opulence of the kings and queens of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries.

Revel in the harmonious atmosphere of Blois, where life moves at a pleasantly genteel pace. Indulge in the alluring culinary pleasures that can be found at the many pâtisseries and shops – walnuts, tarte Tatin and quince are famous in the region. When you’ve had your fill, a visit to nearby Cheverny and the famous Chambord will undoubtedly leave you awestruck. Near the banks of the Vienne you’ll find the charming medieval town of Chinon, with its crumbling château towering high above it – a vivid reminder of days gone by.

To the east, resting lazily beside the Indre River and surrounded by its picture-perfect village, is Azay-le-Rideau — a smaller château, but one that boasts exceptional architectural beauty. With its robust turrets and luxurious décor, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful châteaux in the Loire. Linger a while in the stylish town of Saumur and visit its many chic boutiques and pleasant cafés, filling up on regional wine and delicacies. Savor the town’s beauty and joie de vivre, which is characteristic of this breathtaking region of France.

Loire Valley Must-Dos and Can’t-Misses…

  • The big ten châteaux – among these the Chambord, the Chenonceau and the Cheverny
  • Admire the work of landscapers from all over the world at Château de Chaumont’s garden festival (from early June to mid-October)
  • Wine tasting – an absolute must!
  • The regional foods
  • A morning – or several – wandering around the markets

Loire Valley for Kids…

  • Visit the Château de Chambord by horse-drawn carriage.
  • Bike along quiet country roads that are flat, flat, flat…
  • Admire the beautiful Château of Cheverny from the air in one of the captive balloons available on site
  • Float along at the river’s pace on a futreau, a traditional flat-bottomed boat.

Manoir Clovis

Gracious living in the heart of Saumur

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