Dalmatia, Croatia


The Next Big Thing in the Mediterranean Awaits Your Arrival…

Some of the best sailing and boating in the world, islands that rival Greece, endless beaches, craggy bluffs, hidden coves, some of the most dramatic Roman ruins still standing, as well as cuisine to match their Italian neighbors — travel insiders tout Croatia as the Mediterranean’s next big thing.

As if caught in a perfect confluence of time and place, Croatia today enjoys the same emerging “it” factor as St. Tropez circa 1955 or Post Cold War Prague.  You’ll hear Dalmatia’s island-dotted coast referred to as “the new Riviera” or the “Croat d’Azur,” and Istria’s look and feel as “the new Tuscany.” All true, in a sense, and yet the Croatia we know isn’t “the new anything” so much as it is reinventing its wonderful old self.

Recently dubbed the “Croat d’Azur” or the “New Riviera,” the stunning beaches and exquisitely beautiful isles and harbor towns of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast certainly attract their fair share of glitterati. Though it lost favor with Europe’s jet set during the country’s civil conflict in the early ‘90s, the hum of cappuccino machines has returned to many of Dalmatia’s seaside cafés. In hot-spots like the island of Hvar, huge yachts cruise by, complete with bikini-clad women lounging topside while pods of dolphins follow playfully in their wake.

Still, in spite of its renewed appeal as a coastal haven for the impossibly fashionable, the vast majority of Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is so much more than a chic beach destination (and even the beaches are vastly different in character). Ironically, most of Dalmatia is really a throwback to simpler, non-commercialized times and its beaches are just the tip of what there is to explore in Dalmatia’s wonderful, old-world culture.

Villa Portico

A spacious retreat under the stars

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Villa Issa

Star-quality villa floating just above the beach

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Villa Spalato

Glamorous villa in the heart of Split

Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 5Children: YesMax Occupancy: 10