Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui Regional Photo

Just when you thought Thailand couldn’t get any better in your imagination, it comes to life. Our newest properties in Ko Samui allows your dreams of waterfalls, coconut trees, and golden Buddha statues to come true.

The island’s most famous landmark is the Big Buddha that stands, or sits rather, at 12 meters tall. The statue’s pose alludes to enlightenment and tourists visiting the statue get one of best enlightening views of the island from the platform. Visiting the statue is also a place to witness the daily rituals of local devotees who leave offerings of fruit, flowers and incense. The Big Buddha is not only the symbol of the island but it is an icon to the rich culture of the region that enjoys various forms of traditional dance and dining.

Festivals and fresh markets on the island are plenty and celebrate the deep fishing traditions of the island. At any time of year you are likely to find a lively festival involving elaborate processions, live music, and food fairs. For example, the island observes with tolerance and exuberance various New Year celebrations such as the Thai New Year in April at the end of the Buddhist lunar cycle, as well as the Chinese New Year in February and the traditional December 31st New Year. Even when there is not a formal holiday there is always a celebration. Many restaurants on the island offer dramatic Thai dance shows for you to be inspired by various stylized forms of classical and folk dancing and elaborate costumes.

At the fisherman village of Bophut Beach you can experience a juxtaposition of a simpler life including old wooden houses and fisherman stands combined with fine dining restaurants and boutiques. Renting a long tail boat is also a great way to enjoy fresh fish on a secluded island where an excursion allows you to have fresh grilled fish on the shore after swimming and snorkeling in the crystal vacant waters.

For a more unruffled approach to experiencing the island, its mystical nature has something for everyone. The island’s nature allows for a diverse melange of activities from mountain biking to witnessing the jungle on a Zip-Lining tour traveling by harness between tree houses. There are more waterfalls on the island than temples and a short trek through the lush jungle takes you to the Na Muang falls here water cascades down purple rock formations into a natural swimming pool.

Visit our newest properties on the island and dive, dance, and dream. Come and be a part of the island’s 15 hundred years of history.

Koh Samui Must-Dos and Can’t-Misses

  • Visit the “magic garden” in the hills ripe with tropical plants, Buddha statues and spirit houses
  • Launch flying laterns into the sky at Chewang beach
  • Go to the stadium to see Muay Thai boxing, Thailand’s national sport
  • Take a Thai cooking class

Koh Samui for Kids

  • Trek through the tropical jungle
  • Take a Buffalo cart ride or visit a farming museum
  • See a snake show at a snake farm


Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: Children: YesMax Occupancy: 8

Baan Asan

Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: Children: YesMax Occupancy: 10

La Lagune

Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: Children: YesMax Occupancy: 10

Villa Haineu

Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: Children: YesMax Occupancy: 10

Ban Suriya

Bedrooms: 6Bathrooms: Children: YesMax Occupancy: 14

The View

Bedrooms: 6Bathrooms: Children: YesMax Occupancy: 8 Adults and 6 Children


Bedrooms: 6Bathrooms: Children: YesMax Occupancy: 14


Bedrooms: 8Bathrooms: Children: YesMax Occupancy: 16

Villa Kalyana

Bedrooms: 10Bathrooms: Children: YesMax Occupancy: 12