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This little island is a very special destination. Yes, it has a reputation for attracting lots of celebrities and being very ‘luxurious’ but at the same, people love it because it’s a taste of “The real Caribbean:” un-spoilt, un-commercial, relaxed, friendly and accessible.

The best thing about Anguilla is that you are never far from the ocean! I live in West End Village very close to many popular restaurants and next door to someone who repairs boats, with the island being so small you are close everything and anything you may need! I can see the ocean and neighbouring Islands from my terrace and am lucky to have 4 world famous beaches within 10 minutes walk of my home: Maundy’s Bay, Shoal Bay West, Barnes Bay and Meads Bay.



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I love the approach Hosted Villas uses – offering a very personalized service and looking for ‘insider’ information and special experiences. I am confident Hosted Villas clients will love Anguilla and am looking forward to meeting many new friends in my role as Local Host.
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My perfect day in Anguilla would be...

Your day would start off by waking up early in the morning and catch a boat ride to Prickly Pear, one of Anguilla’s off shore cays. The island is uninhabited, has no electricity and they take everything on and off the island by speed boat every day. You would relish eating some delicious fresh local crayfish and then spend the rest of the day swimming and snorkelling off the powder-white beach. No doubt you and your family would have a drink or two at the tiny bar on the beach. Then you would head home and and a little rest (all that fresh air and sun makes you tired) before heading out for an evening of entertainment in Sandy Ground Village. Enjoy supper in one of the many restaurants and then on to The Pumphouse or Elvis Beach Bar to listen (and dance) to some live music from one of our many local bands until the wee hours.

You can drive from one end of the Island to another in 30 minutes (if you break the 30 mph speed limit!) yet there are over 100 restaurants and 33 pristine public beaches to explore. The peace and beauty of our beaches and friendliness of the people stays with visitors long after they leave.

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