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If you aren't careful, you will never want to leave

My name is Tanya Adelina Pacini and I live in the Lucca region of Italy, in the town of Zone. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and have both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Computer Science and E-Commerce. I am very creative, and enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. Before moving to Italy, I worked for over 14 years in a law firm within the technology department. I came to Lucca 8 years ago for a change of pace and to take care of my father’s property matters, and have been lucky enough to retain dual citizenship, allowing me to live and work on both sides of the ocean. I really enjoy European travel as a whole, because it is so easy to get from city to city and country to country. Other places you almost always need a plane to get around – in Europe, you can easily get in your car and just go!

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Lucca is a beautiful place, filled with lots of art, wine, histry, wine, culture, wine, great food and...did I mention the wine?
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My perfect day in Lucca would be...

If you had just 24 hours to spend in this region, I would organize for a driver to take you to some of the most scenic spots in Lucca, such as the Ponte del Diavolo, or the many beautiful towns and villas nearby. We would then head towards a vineyard to take a tour of their cellar, followed by wine and olive oil tastings and lunch on a veranda overlooking the city. We'd head back to the villa for an afternoon nap or perhaps jump into the pool then lay in the sun to dry off. In the evening we would visit another beautiful town, such as Montecarlo, and dine on local specialties, while taking in the twinkling lights and lively atmosphere. Afterwards, we would enjoy some live music and drinks with friends to toast a wonderful day.

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