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I can't wait to share my love and knowledge of the area!

My 20 year-long love affair with Italy started with an archaeological dig in Tuscany after graduating from university. Even after all this time, the history of this rich land, its cultural and gastronomic traditions and beautiful art and architecture still leave me in awe.

I truly feel Tuscany is a place that every Hosted Villas Guest should visit because of its history and natural beauty. Florence alone has the highest concentration of master works of art in all of Italy, and maybe even the whole world. And the landscapes are beautiful! Just a very short distance outside the large cities there are agricultural fields and a bounty of wonderful local products from these lands.

I’m looking forward to sharing some special memories with you in la bella Toscana!

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Inspired by my passion for the area, I am always so excited to show people the Tuscany I know and love.
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My perfect day in Tuscany would be...

My perfect day in Tuscany would start with a stop for breakfast (a quick Italian espresso and a fresh baked cornetto pastry) at a local torrefazione coffee bar, then off to a nearby small winery (while enjoying the drive and the view of the famous Tuscan landscape) to taste some local wines. Then lunch at a simple trattoria for some fresh, hand-made pasta with Tuscan meat sauce, usually made of wild boar. After lunch head to some of the famous historic towns in the area, which would include una passeggiata – a nice walk to a museum or art gallery or just some window shopping.

Checking out local artists is always a fun way to really see the area’s special character, and you might even discover the Michaelangelos of the modern world! Afterwards, have another espresso for your afternoon spuntino! For dinner I would definitely suggest Siena, a destination not to be missed. The grand square, Piazza Del Campo, with it’s medieval backdrop of the illuminated city hall and tower is dramatized by the night sky. To spend the evening enjoying dinner al fresco in the square with this monument as your view is nothing short of magical.

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Tuscany, Italy



Tuscany, Italy

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Tuscany, Italy