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Surrounded by seven small islands, Primosten is a gift of nature that leaves no one unimpressed.

I love to spend time outside in nature; by the sea, fishing in a river, or walking along the hills. I am very thankful that I have all of these options so close to where I live. It is very easy to escape in that area so that the wind is the only sound you hear and the sea is all that is in front of you. I thoroughly enjoy finding hidden treasures with my friends and my dog Bobo.

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The countryside here is so beautiful that some places look as though they have never been touched.
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My perfect day in Dalmatia would be...

You would wake up very early while the sea is still calm and with your villa by the water enjoy a nice cool swim to reinvigorate yourself. After that divine experience and after a healthy breakfast your day begins with a big choice - spend the day inland, biking through the towns, visiting Krka Waterfalls National park, or venture out into the sea and visit the many islands above water, and view the majestic life below it.

The decision is not easy, but lets decide to dedicate this perfect day to the sea and rent a boat to begin your adventure.

By the time afternoon rolls around you and your family have already visited several islands, the beautiful laguna of Šibenik and the coral museum on the island of Zlarin where you will also enjoy an authentic and extremely fresh sea food lunch. On your way back you stop in one of the bays to swim and dive, and decide to wait to view the sunset there - simply breathtaking.

Now, the perfect night begins and you must prepare yourself for a crazy summer night with your friends and family. Enjoy a glass of my favourite local red wine Plavac Mali , in one of the numerous old konobas in Primošten. Indulge in food and drink and burn it off by taking a stroll through the town. Head back to your villa and enjoy a night cap by the pool and gaze up at the stars before going to bed and getting ready for the next days activities.

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